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Since it's inception in 1999, USAP has helped tens of Zimbabwean students get accepted to top notch colleges in the United States. Some have since graduated and are working in various fields in the United States and elsewhere around the world and some have chosen to remain in academia at various institutions in the United States. There are over a hundred USAP students from Zimbabwe alone and each one of them has an amazing story to tell. Below are brief profiles of some of our students just to give you a glimpse of our diversity as a people as well as the diversity of our their career paths and futures.

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CLASS 0F 2011

Itai David Njanji
College of Wooster '11

Itai David Njanji Unlike many other excellent students, Itai has exhibited a rare combination of talents both in the lecture room and on the sporting field. Prior to attending the College of Wooster, he was awarded a cricket scholarship from the Zimbabwe Cricket board. Amongst many achievements, he played for the Mashonaland district, Uprising Cricket Club and Universal Cricket Club and was invited several times to try for the respective Zimbabwe age national teams. Itai made history by being one of the few cricketers in the country to be awarded an additional academic scholarship to attend one of the elite schools in Zimbabwe, Gateway High School, where he represented the school in a tour to South Africa.

Being part of the student leadership and also the cricket captain, Itai championed the idea of diversity in his leadership positions. Upon joining the United States Achievers Program, Itai decided to pursue a career in actuary rather than being a professional cricketer. Consequently, he received a scholarship to attend the College of Wooster, where he is majoring in Mathematics. Currently Itai participates in a number of college activities which include the Black Student Association, Wooster Cricket Club and the Wooster Christian Club. Amongst many of his ambitions, Itai's dream is to see Africa united and living at her greatest potential as a continent.

Emmanuel Magara
Oberlin College '11
Harvard Medical School '16

Emmanuel MagaraEmmanuel grew up in Zimbabwe and attended Oberlin College in Ohio. There he studied Biochemistry and Chinese along with pre-med classes. After graduating in 2011, he moved to Boston to attend Harvard Medical School.

Emmanuel has worked on various leadership boards pertaining to development. He served on a national committee geared towards improving cancer patients' access to healthcare in Zimbabwe. He also served on the board of directors for the Oberlin Hot Meals, an Ohio non-profit that provides meals to the homeless and economically disadvantaged members of the Oberlin community.

Among several awards and recognitions for his work, Emmanuel is a Harvard Medical School National Scholar. He was an Oberlin College Entrepreneurship Scholar and a national Bonner Scholar. He was also a recipient of the Oberlin College Creativity and Leadership Award for his initiatives to promote youth entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe and the Shansi-In-Asia Award for his service project at an AIDS hospice in Penang, Malaysia. A talented chemist as well, Emmanuel was a recipient of the CRC Press Chemistry Award for excellence in Inorganic Chemistry, the Jewitt Fanning award for having "an unusual promise in Chemistry" and the Harrol Baker Scholarship for being an "outstanding" Biochemistry major.

Fairly competent in Chinese Mandarin and having traveled to and witnessed South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong's healthcare-provision challenges and successes, Emmanuel is interested in collaboratively working with experts from around the world to come up with effective African healthcare solutions. He is currently in his final year at Harvard Medical School and plans to specialize in interventional radiology.

Nancy Kasvosve
University of Chicago '11
University of Michigan '15

Nancy KasvosveNancy is a graduate of the University of Chicago class of 2011 in Public Policy and Biology. Academically her undergrad career was centered around studying breast cancer in women of African ancestry, an experience from which she developed and shaped her future professional goals in global health policy and international development. Nancy was awarded honors in Public Policy for her thesis entitled "The Challenges to Comprehensive Cancer Care in Black South African Women" and completed a cancer genetics project for her biology thesis entitled "Germline TP53 Mutations and Breast Cancer Risk in Women of African Ancestry."

Having spent her undergraduate career on a physician track, Nancy's career interests have slightly shifted since graduation but still remaining in healthcare. Nancy is currently a Master of Public Health Candidate at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, studying Health Management and Policy. She is working towards a career as a policy analyst/ consultant who is an expert on the leveraging of policy analysis, innovation and capacity building to optimize healthcare systems in developing countries. Outside of her academic rigor Nancy's passion is dance. She also likes, reading mentoring and writing. She is a student blogger on the SPH student life site and the author of several articles on this site that can be found in our USAP Voices section.

Clyde Bango
Bates College '11

Clyde BangoIt's hard to tell what Bango does, really! Once you finish reading this profile you should visit and see what I am talking about. Is he an artist? Is he a scientist? Rumours even whisper that he's also a mathematician and a writer. Close friends insist that Clyde could have been better off as a professional soccer player, or commentator for that matter. It's hard to categorize special cases, especially when the subject in question is ever so restless.

We have hope for Clyde Bango. For starters, he makes beautiful wire sculptures! This is an endeavor quite unique at the level and worth the while. The whole concept stems from priceless childhood memories of making toy cars from the rubbles of the Siyaso scrap yard in Mbare, Harare, elevating the craft to frontlines of contemporary art both of Africa and International. To his credit, Clyde has shown artworks in leading US institutions like his alma mater Bates College and neighbors Bowdoin College in Maine, as well as Wellesley College in Massachusetts and College of Wooster in Ohio. Bango has also exhibited in Brooklyn NY, at the Museum of Women's Resistance (MoWRe) and in Portland ME, at the Musuem of African Culture. In Boston MA, Clyde Bango is affiliated with L'Attitude Gallery on Newbury St.

As for the left-brain, Clyde works fulltime as a Research Assistant at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, which is a major affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Dana Farber is internationally known for its research and clinical excellence, while strategically located among leading hospitals in Longwood Medical Area, in Boston MA. Clyde works for the Center of Medical Oncology and Pathology (CMOP), with technical duties ranging from histology, immunohistochemistry and imaging. We do not know how his science practice relates to art, or how he keeps up with both in a modest approach. What we know is that Bango graduated from Bates College in 2011, with double major in Biochemistry and Visual Art, along with a minor in Mathematics. We have tried to talk him out of this broad approach and have him focus on a narrow field, but we also think about the inspiration we could deprive you, the world.

Clyde designed the official t-shirt for the 2012 USAP Forum at Chicago University and participated on a panel that featured USAP innovators and entrepreneurs in various fields. One of Clyde's dreams that is coming to life is a Non-Profit foundation that will promote mentorship and career guidance within creative arts and writing for talented and determined low-income youth, starting in Zimbabwe. You see, we have hope for Clyde Bango. And now you can visit and write him a get-sane soon note or send some love.

Edward Muguza
Amherst College '11

Edward MuguzaEdward is a program manager for the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in Harare, Zimbabwe providing technical and analytical capacity to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care(MoHCC). The vision of the MoHCC is to provide universal health care to all citizen but financing and other factors are a barrier to achieving this vision. Edward’s work at CHAI is focused on supporting the MoHCC to develop resource management tools that helps the MoHCC better track and quantify resource flows within the health sector and develop medium to long term health financing reforms with the goal of ultimately removing funding as a real or perceived barrier to accessing care for all Zimbabweans. Before joining CHAI Zimbabwe, Edward worked as a global analyst for the CHAI global team in Rwanda providing technical support to 6 CHAI health financing country teams on areas of resource mapping, costing of health interventions and development of health financing reforms.

Before working in public policy, Edward worked as an associate consultant for Parthenon Group, a boutique strategy consulting firm in Boston, USA. At Parthenon, he worked closely with senior management to provide strategic advice to business clients within the retail, education, and private equity space. During the two year stint at Parthenon, Edward appreciated the need to develop businesses that are not only profitable but also provides societal benefits to the general public. Therefore, he moved to public health with CHAI to leverage the business skills he acquired to bear on global health issues both at global and country level.

Edward holds a BA (Honors) in Chemistry from Amherst College in Western Massachusetts, USA. At Amherst, he was awarded three prestigious Chemistry awards for research and academic excellence. Edward also participated in the International Honors Program (IHP), a study abroad program traveling to four countries to understand the impact of political, economic and social factors on health disparities at the country and community level. Outside of class, Edward volunteered with the Center for Community Engagement as a fellow and the Multi-Cultural Center, actively participated in the Amherst Koenig Scholars mentoring program and international student government, and played on the Amherst Cricket team.

Munashe Shumba
Brown University '11

Munashe Shumba Munashe Shumba from Harare, Zimbabwe is currently pursuing a BSc. in Computer engineering at Brown University, Rhode Island. He is an active member of the Brown Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) chapter. He works with other engineering students to foster technological innovation through collaborative projects, to connect student with career opportunities and to promote community. He is also actively involved with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) chapter where he works to increase the minority representation in technical fields by providing support for minority students in engineering and other science fields.

Munashe is interested in power-efficient systems and computer architecture. He also interested in application development and embedded systems. He plans to do further studies in these areas and use technology to improve the quality of life in underdeveloped countries.

Raynold Shenje
Davidson College '11

Ray Shenje, Raynold Shenje Raynold was born and raised in Harare, went to St Faith's High school, a boarding school in RUsape were he became heavily invloved in charity work and volunteering. It is his belief that poor people are most fascinating, and that they have so much to offer. In the three years that he has volunteered, Raynold has encountered people of extraordinary talents in disciplines like sporting and music. The only thing that between these people and maximising their potentital is poverty, which is what Raynold seeks to change. He was treasurer of the LEO club, a branch of the Lions Club International at St. Faith's High school.

At the moment Raynold is attending college at Davidson College, NC, where he has just been appointed Residence Advisor for the period 2008-2009. He is planning on majoring in Chemistry and will graduate in May 2011 with the hope of persuing a Chemistry Engineering degree. After this degree, he will probably go back to Zimbabwe, where many of the Chemical Engineers are fleeing the country citing viability problems. As a Chemical Engineer, he intends to help curb water pollution, one of Zimbabwe's major problems. He also intends to remain a part of the Lions Club International.

Ray loves listening to people speak, he is intrigued by how people look so much alike about have totally different mindsets. As such, his hobby is chatting with people of all backgrounds. "A little procrastination doesn't kill" is one of his favorite sayings. He also plays a lot of soccer and is part of the Davidson intermural team.

Donald Batsirai Hondongwa
Vassar College '11

Donald Batsirai Hondongwa Donald has unique combination of intellect, dedication, will. Raised in the suburbs of Harare, Donald's dedication saw him make his way to the high academic ranks at Kutama College where he did both his Ordinary and Advanced level studies. During his stay at Kutama, Donald managed to get top of the range grades in all fields; sciences, arts and commercials. For his Advanced Level studies, his passion for natural sciences led him to take mathematics, physics and chemistry. At this time he also got involved in the Old Mutual Mathematics Olympiad becoming the Kutama college team captain in 2005-2006. He managed to attain third position in the first round in both those years. His great performance in these natural sciences earned him the name Isaac Newton among his class men in high school.

Aside from the academics, Donald was also involved in other community activities. He was the secretary and treasurer of the Kutama College Aids Actions Society, a group that was dedication in fund raising for the aids orphans around the School.

After high school, he got accepted at Vassar College in the class of 2011, where he hopes to pursue a major in Physics and a minor in computer science or mathematics. He is a very active member of the Vassar African Students Association. For him this is just the beginning!

Donald believes that one of the greatest problems in the world is that of lack of efficient utilization of natural resources, a problem whose effects will be felt by future generation. In the interest of future preservation, he believes that it of great importance to devise methods that invoke the efficient use of resources. Africa being one of the big sources of natural resources, there is no better way of achieving his goal than improving the technology in Africa, and what better way to do this than to become an engineer. This is Donald's goal.

Virginia Nyikadzino
Lehigh University '11

Virginia Nyikadzino Virginia is one of the fire-balls of the USAP class of 2007. She is an all rounder who has managed to break new ground in just one semester of college. Virginia is an active leader within Lehigh University's Student Senate in which she is the Alumni Relations Director among other things. She is also in Lehigh's four year leadership program that seeks to train undergraduates to be multi disciplinary leaders, especially in community service.

Among her pioneered organizations were the Peer Educators of Marondera High School in 2006 and currently, International Connection, a program in which she is the Cultural Peer Counselor for Lehigh's ESL students. She is also a member of the Harambe Endeavor, an organization of African academic diasporas who will be touring ten African countries this year (June- August). In the Harambe she is working as a member of the Zambian team in on entrepreneurial project aimed at eradicating Malaria and economically empowering the people of Zambia.

Virginia is a civil engineering and business major. She is passionate about empowering people, entrepreneurship, children and she loves mountain climbing.

Noreen Kudzai Nkosana
Wesleyan University '11

Noreen Kudzai Nkosana Noreen is a determined young lady who has had a passion to make a difference in the world ever since she was a little girl. She is the first child in a family of four a pathfinder and pacesetter according to some of her friends. Her education carrier started at Nyamande Primary School in Domboshava where she realized the importance of education at an early age; she loved learning and nothing was going to stop her from pursuing and realizing her dreams. She went on to St. Paul's Musami High School and then Harare High School where she completed her high school education.

Through USAP she was able to apply to US colleges and was admitted to Wesleyan University for the fall of 2007. The program helped her to keep an open mind and look at the world in a different way. It marked the beginning of new visions and dreams in her life she realized that the world is full of opportunities just waiting for open-minded and dedicated people to 'go- get'.

Noreen is planning to major in Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry. She is interested in chemical engineering and research. On campus she is a member of the Wesleyan Christian Fellowship and the African Students Association and next fall she will be playing club soccer. After Wesleyan she wishes to go to medical school. One of her dreams is to help identify and nurture talent in young children by providing them with necessary resources.

Jonathan Neshena
University of Mississippi '11

Jonathan NeshenaJonathan is an open-minded young man who was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe and did his Advanced level studies at Mazowe High. Unlike most of the USAP students, Jonathan did his first three years of college in Greece at American College of Thessaloniki. Being away from the rest of the USAP group helped Jonathan to quickly integrate in the Greek culture, learning the language and understanding their way of life. At American College of Thessaloniki, he became the top student in his classes and was made a tutor in his sophomore year. His love for humanity and sense of belonging forced him to take a big step in his junior year. In fall 2009, Jonathan, with the help of his Italian friend, Carmelo Gonzalez Perez and Albania counterpart, Edlira Danaj, founded the Inter-ACT club, an idea he took from his previous school. After a series of meetings with the Dean, Jonathan and his two friends were given the right to run Inter-ACT. In their first week, they enrolled more than 35 members and currently, this club is made up of 154 members and still running. His main long-term objective for the Inter–ACT club was to create a full scholarship for economically disadvantaged students. This club is mainly helping refugees with basics and promoting environmental awareness. Jonathan later transferred to the University of Mississippi, where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Managerial Finance and an MBA in 2011 and 2012 respectively. At Olemiss, he was actively involved in the ACA club, Pi Mu Epsilon and a Phi Kappa Phi.

Besides community service, Jonathan is very interested in Actuarial Science and has a strong creative and analytical mind when it comes to business. When it comes to financial matters, it's easy for people to see where they want to go but it's hard for them to figure out how to get there. Jonathan's dream is to use his mathematical, business and financial tools to help people and companies make the right financial decisions and minimize the risk of losing what they have worked for. When he is not reading Harvard Business Review or Forbes Magazine, he usually spends his time in the gym, playing chess, basketball, volleyball, soccer or socializing.

Lloyd Munjanja
College of St. Scholastica BS '11
University of Rochester MS '13

Lloyd Munjanja Lloyd Munjanja is currently pursuing his five year doctoral studies at the University of Rochester, NY. He did his undergraduate at The College of Scholastica majoring in Chemistry at the same time spicing up his world with Computer Science as well as Art. While at Scholastica he volunteered in efforts to help the homeless and poor in MN and nationally. He was recognized in his senior year with the Student Leadership Award and gave the student address at the 2011 Commencement. With his "non-science" time, he practices yoga, does painting and photography as well as any outdoor adventures he lays his own hands on; from skydiving to kayaking.


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