Registration Now OPEN for USAP Forum 2014 at Tufts!

Registration is now underway. Please use the link below to register and reserve your place at this year's exciting edition of the USAP Forum.

Location: Tufts University, Medford, Massachussetts (i.e. Boston)

Dates: Friday, June 27, 2014 - Sunday, June 29, 2014


1. Student/Alumni Participant $165
2. Student/Alumni Participant (Boston Locals / No Housing) $50
3. Admissions Officers / University Staff $220
4. EducationUSA Advisors $220
5. University Staff / No Housing $85
USAP Forum 2014 Registration

USAP Forum 2014 Theme: "Rekindling the Fire!"

As we go through challenges choosing career paths and making decisions about our future, it is important to question why we do what we do and whether the results will be worth the effort. In this year’s USAP Forum, we seek to “Rekindle the Fire” through encouraging bigger and more ambitious goals for USAP as a family, an organization and for each one of its talented members. The speakers will question commonly accepted norms, and standards within our society; ultimately, the Forum will help us think about our place in our respective communities, and our role as agents of change.

The USAP Forum seeks to encourage participants to actively contribute to their respective communities’ development through different tools that include entrepreneurship, technology and science, medicine and education. More importantly, as USAPers, we will have a better and more meaningful appreciation of our work, its challenges, and the anticipated outcomes.

USAP 2014 Forum: Rekindling the Fire!