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Profiles for our Nigerian students are still coming in and we will update this page as they become available. Below we profile the students whose information we have on file.

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CLASS 0F 2013

Fabian Okeke
Fisk University '13

Fabian Okeke Fabian Okeke was born as the second child into a family of four children. This young man hails from Enugu state in eastern Nigeria; He lived in Lagos State all his life; and he attended a secondary school in Abuja – northern Nigeria. In 2002, he was recognized by different Nigerian newspapers as "A Star from the Ghetto" after emerging as the best Nigerian student in the entrance examination to the prestigious Federal Government Academy (Centre for the Gifted and Talented). While in high school, Fabian displayed his academic prowess by fetching different laurels for his high school at Alumni, State and National levels. In 2007, he was nominated by International Physics Olympiad Committee and later, by International Geo-Earth Science Olympiad to join the team of students representing Nigeria in a Summer School in Ontario, Canada and in Seoul, South Korea respectively. Fabian is also a leader of quality as he was the President of different organizations and he graduated as the Deputy Senior Prefect of his school.

Presently, this aspiring computer programmer is studying Computer Science in Fisk University. "My dream is to raise young computer programmers in Nigeria who will compete with the best programmers all over the world", he says every time he talks about his aspirations. Fabian's excellence founded on diligence and consistent prayers is never-ending as he is now well known by his professors in his College as an exceptional student of high standard. This young man who strongly believes that "the only place where diligence comes before success is in the dictionary" also has serious outside classroom activities. He is presently the only freshman tutoring Mathematics in the LEAD program in his college; the only freshman in the Web service project of the Computer Science Department; the only freshman involved in Computational Chemistry Research among other activities. For this industrious upcoming programmer, whatever is conceivable and feasible is achievable!

Adaeze Ezeh
Massachusetts Institute of Technology '13

Adaeze Ezeh "Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." - Gail Devers
These words have had an enormous effect on Adaeze; her thoughts, beliefs and subsequently, her aspirations. Gail Dever could not have said these words in a better way.

Born to a family from Umuede in Abia state of Nigeria, Adaeze, however, grew up in Jos City in Plateau State. She is a girl who loves to smile and enjoys talking to people of all age grades. Most of her leisure periods are spent listening to music, reading great books that interest her, writing songs, drawing or perhaps having a good time with friends. Since childhood Adaeze found a lot of interest in a wide range of activities which she participated in; she excelled greatly in her academics and also in singing. Most significantly, Adaeze exhibited a rare quality of determination to achieve her goals, no matter how challenging they seemed.

Growing in up in a humble home, the idea of schooling in the United States of America was no more than a fairy tale, not to mention Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To Adaeze, it was no fairy tale. Being a girl who believes that she is destined for great things, she knew that if she wanted a thing, she would get it. It was only a function of time, hard work, determination and most of all, faith. However, without the mention of USAP, this profile would be lacking. It is one great reason Adaeze earned the recent title beside her place in the MIT Class of 2013. She would always be immensely grateful to the opportunity that USAP gave her and also to the staff in charge. At MIT, she will be working and doing her best and most of all believing in the God that lives within her because "with God all things are possible to them that believe." Her best is yet to come.

Toluwaloju Alabi
Grinell College '13

Toluwaloju Alabi The second child in a family of four children. Tolu is a native of Mopa Amuro in Kogi State, but her family lives in Abuja, the nation's capital. In secondary school, she participated in various mathematics and science competitions. She also represented her school in many debating competitions. Being a very versatile and risk-taking person, she decided to engage in a challenging sport like basketball. Although participating in this sport allowed Tolu to travel a lot and therefore miss school a couple of times, she was always at the top of her work. She tried to keep up with everything going on in school and she was successful in doing that.

She was the captain of her class for a long time before deciding to take on more responsibility by accepting the appointment as the Heead Girl of the school. This was a huge task for her, because she wanted to succeed academically, in the academic competitions she engaged in, in her basketball games and basically everything she did.

Tolu has always believed that everything one gets is always by the grace of God because no matter how hard one works, there are other people who are working harder. With this belief, when she got admitted into USAP, she was really happy because it opened her eyes to see the greater opportunities she had been offered of schooling in the United States, as she had always dreamed of.

She also received an award as the best student in Further mathematics, as a result of this and the keen interest she has in studying Maths, She is now majoring in Computer Science. She is currently a Computer Science Departmental Assistant, which basically means she is in charge of the Computer Science up-coming museum, where all the computer artifacts are stored. She is also a member of the college's basketball team. Tolu is also a math tutor, meaning she gets to assist fellow college students in trying to study Mathematics.

She wishes to complete her Computer Science major in Grinnell College and then further her education by going to graduate school. She also wants to specialize in Software development because she intends to return back to Nigeria to create more technological inventions and hence make the nation a better place to live in.

Ifeyinwa Arinze
Mount Holyoke College '13

Ifeyinwa ArinzeTo count the blessings in the life of this young but talented lady is no easy feat. Ifeyinwa is the only girl of a family of two children. She comes from Anambra state, but has lived in Lagos all her life. She attended Queen's College inLagos where she excelled academically, represented her school in a number of debates and science competitions. She was the Head girl of her high school, and executed challenging responsibilities like the supervision of over 1000 students, with the help of about 48 prefects. Ifeyinwa joined EAC Lagos in 2008 and became a participant of USAP, of which she is eternally grateful. She never had a doubt about the plans God had in store for her, but an education in a highly ranked all-women's college, in the US, with a generous amount of financial aid was unexpected.

Ifeyinwa is known for her determination, optimism and laughter that rings loud and true in the midst of a crowd. Her major is in Neuroscience and Behavior. She hopes to eventually gain admission to a medical school. She is involved in a number of extracurricular activities. She is currently a gospel DJ in her college radio station, and a mentor to a high school junior who is involved in a project for abused women in Florida and a photographer for her college newspaper. Ifeyinwa also volunteers in a nursing home with some other students, who engage the elderly residents in fun activities such as arts and crafts. Ifeyinwa hopes to become a surgeon and return to Nigeria to establish a foundation that sponsors the education of fatherless children.

Omonsefe Atamenwan
Bryn Mawr College '13

Omonsefe AtamenwanEfe comes from Edo state, Nigeria. She has three lovely siblings and amazing, encouraging parents. She attended Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja for her high school education and joined USAP after her graduation.

Efe is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She is a student with many interests, especially Psychology and Biochemistry. She is also a sports and health enthusiast. She was always involved and interested in athletics; she is now a member of the Bryn Mawr varsity track and field team. Efe likes to learn about other cultures so she is actively involved with BACaSO (Bryn Mawr African and Caribbean Students Association) and she is also a student member of the International Student Orientation team at her college.

Efe is very grateful to USAP for giving her the opportunity to explore her educational interests. She enjoyed the experience of working closely with health professionals in the Child Study Institute (CSI) at her college and she therefore hopes to pursue a career in the health professions after undergraduate college.

She has various hobbies such as biking and music. She also enjoys learning and speaking foreign languages (a current favorite is Swahili)!

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