Usap Nigeria Offices
Shade Adebayo
1075 Diplomatic Drive
Central Business Area
NIGERIA 5760 Garki
Tel: 234-9-4614000

Usap Nigeria: What is Usap?

Introduction from The Usap Nigeria Information Office

Usap students represent the best and brightest students in Nigeria. They aspire to broaden their horizons and share ideas and perspectives with a diverse array of people. Usap participants are selected for embodying all of the following four qualities-

  • Academic excellence
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Ethos of giving back to community
  • Economic disadvantage

Usap works closely with selected students through a year-long program of meetings and seminars designed to empower and assist them throughout the application and orientation process while building their confidence and bonding them as a supportive family who share similar backgrounds and will be facing similar challenges while studying in the US. [Learn more about Usap]

Coming to America!

By Fabian Okeke, Fisk University 13'

Preparing for and making the trip is a huge undertaking for all international students. A Usap students offers some timeless advice to students from all over the world as they prepare to make the incredible journey to seek higher education at various institutions in the US. [ Read more ... ]