USAP Nigeria Profiles

Profiles for our Nigerian students are still coming in and we will update this page as they become available. Below we profile the students whose information we have on file.

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CLASS 0F 2010

Dean Udom
Amherst College '10

Dean Udom Dean Udom comes from a family that has its roots in Akwa Ibom and Cross River states in Southern Nigeria. It is difficult for him to say exactly where he comes from considering that he has spent significant parts of his life in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria and Yaoundé and Buea in Cameroon. However, he has passed most of his time in the beautiful city of Abuja. He has three siblings and he is an alumnus of Model Secondary School Maitama where he graduated in 2005.

Dean is attending Amherst College, Massachusetts. He is the Novice Tournament Director for the Amherst College Parliamentary Debate Society and an active member of Terras Irradient Amherst's Christian acapella group and the International Students' Association. He is also a Computer Center Supervisor with the Amherst College Information Technology Department.

Dean is a Chemistry major with a deep interest in Law and Political Science. He intends to pursue a career in Medicine or Law. Because he believes that the Nigerian people stand to gain a great deal from improved leadership, he hopes to use the skills that he acquires during his studies to help lift the political, economic and social fortunes of his fellow countrymen.

Dean enjoys learning foreign languages, traveling, reading journals of Political Science, attending lectures and speeches, playing football, engaging in philosophical debates with his friends, and listening to music.