USAP Brazil Profiles

We are extremely proud of their great achievements and successes. Below are the profiles of some of our Brazilian students from the Class of 2008.

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CLASS 0F 2008

Julio Freitas
Rocky Mountain College '08

Julio Freitas Julio Freitas is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He always wanted to pursue an academic education in America, but coming from a disadvantaged family, that dream seemed impossible for him. However, the winds blew a new direction when he got to know about USAP. He had been going to college for two years in Brazil, which enabled him to transfer to Rocky Mountain College as a junior in Business Major. Julio is sponsored partially by the College itself and also by MDUR Resources, Inc., giving him a full scholarship. During College, Julio works in the Dining Service. His other current job positions include work study in the Development Office, permanent writer for the College newspaper and due to his excellent academic performance, a gig as an accounting tutor.

For the future, Julio intends to work in the accounting department of an international company and in the long run, he intends to pursue a degree in communications so that he can work on TV, which is his dream field.