Friends and Family Remember Nancy Tinoza

From The USAP Information Office

Innocent Mutetwa My very close friend, my classmate, my colleague at IMF, my very special confidant, and a great inspiration: Nancy was all these and more to me from our first days at Wooster, through our four years in college, and for the three years we both worked at the IMF until her untimely demise. In my low moments, I knew I could always count on Nancy to give me perspective and encouragement. In my high moments, she was always there to revel in those good moments with me. We spent Thursday and Friday joking and laughing not knowing that those were gonna be our last interactions. Words can't explain the void I feel now that she has passed. In these somber moments, all we can do is try to learn from and emulate her personality that was gentle, caring, and very vibrant.

Promise Kamanga, The College of Wooster '12


I met Nancy when she was interviewing for a summer position at Credit Suisse. Personally, I remember her to be very personable, humorous and highly energetic. Professionally, she was an eternal optimist with a fierce drive to succeed. One word that comes to mind to describe her is go-getter. May she rest in peace.

David Tswamuno, Middlebury College '06


Nothing can ever fill the void that you have left in the lives of all of us who love you and whom you loved - the Tinoza family, your USAP family, your Wooster family, and all of your friends. All we can do is thank God for the time we were allowed to spend with you and for our memories of you that we can choose to protect in our hearts and minds. My memory of you: an infectious and beautiful smile, a vibrant personality, a generous heart, a brave and loving spirit. Until we meet again munin'ina.

Tamutenda Chidawanyika, The College of Wooster '08


Remember the day we left Zimbabwe and we cried all the way to South Africa.we didnt even know each other but you being the person you are you initiated the conversation and that's how we became friends. Through tough times n good times you always saw light at the end of the tunnel. You definately made the best in every situation joy chete!!!

Namatirai Grace Mavugara, Washington DC


To Everyone. Words cannot really describe the sadness this tragedy has left me in! Even more so, I can't imagine how her immediate family can cope with this. We will dearly miss her, and she is never replaceable as a person, that have to know over the years, as a human being, and above all, as a truest friend since day one I met her. To her parents and relatives, everyone is proud of you--for what a wonderful young woman you raised. It's just sad that she's gone way too young before all her dreams are realized. But know that she's with the Lord, and one day we will all meet her again cheerful and full of life as ever! Please be strong! Forever in my thoughts and memory,

Gideon Mabeny, The College of Wooster '12


A life cut too short, but a life well lived. Nancy was the most cheerful person I have ever met. Always radiant, her infectious smile and buoyant personality will be sorely missed. Nancy my friend, DC will never be the same without you. God bless your soul.

Sandy Mtandwa, DePauw University '07


Nancy was my big sister and one of my best friends. I remember her sense of humor and her will to always make people around her feel lively and laugh. I'll miss her so so much. Her spirit will always be with me.

Ngozi Monica Cole, The College of Wooster '15


My dear African Sister. The one who would purposely pronounce my name wrongly :-) I remember being the first person you spoke to as you prepared for your journey to Wooster. You shared your concerns and your worries but beyond that all I saw was an amazing woman who was only at the beginning of an amazing journey. Throughout your time at Wooster, I watched you shine always keeping a close eye on you, and reminding you not to forget the one who picked you from the airport when you became rich and famous. I cannot share how proud I am of you! Yes your time has been cut short, but what a woman you were. Your constant smile, your unbelievable pride in your home nation and the rich stories you always told those around you. You called me Mama Hayet, but in your own way you took care of all of us. Thank you for sharing your life and Joy with us. Rest well.

Hayet Rida, Senior Strategic Planner, Chicago


Nancy, mukufara nemukusuwa waigaroimba kuti Jehovah muri rutiziro rwangu, handingatyi. You always saw God's hand in everything.I will always remember how inspiring, positive, hardworking, and loving you were. I thank God for the rich life you had, and for all the impact you made on this earth. I am blessed to have called you a sister. Madzimai Chamz makarwa kurwa kwakanaka, zororai murugare.

Rutendo Ruzvidzo, The College of Wooster '13


Nancy was an inspiration and a role model to me and all those who knew her. Her energy was contagious and she was always fun to be around. Nancy welcomed me with open arms when I moved to DC for school. I appreciate and will miss how she checked in on me during the busy times of the semester. I am deeply saddened by Nancy's unexpected departure from this world, but I know her soul is in a better place.

Wendy Magoronga, Williams College '12


Nancy. We are broken. We are hurting. I write in plural because all who knew you are heartbroken. We're hurting Nancy, tirikurwadziwa. Uri chipo chedu chakatakapiwa kwenguva pfupi. A gift given to us but only for a time, and it was too short! I remember our very first (USAP) meeting. Who wouldn't? Those brilliant warm eyes, that bold and infectious smile. I thought to myself; here stands a star, an achiever, and I was right. You not only pursued academic excellence but you valued family, friendship and fun! You placed a high value on who you were, representing Zimbabwe, representing mama and daddy, representing Glen View High 1. Insisting on making me sadza on my every first visit to your apartment... I could go on. I miss you already Nancy. I wish we had been given more time. Till we meet again, RIP.

Virginia Nyikadzino, Lehigh University '11


I met Nancy in the summer of 2008 during international orientation at the College of Wooster. We connected instantly and became best friends. I don’t know if it was because we were both from Africa: Nancy from Zimbabwe and I from Ethiopia or just because she was energetic, fun loving and humble. But ever since then we were inseparable, we ate all our meals together be it in Lowry, or Mom’s. We studied together and supported each other through all the struggles that came with being thousands of miles away from home. Wooster was initially foreign to both of us because we have never left our countries before coming to college. But when we were together it did not matter if we were in Wooster or any other place, we learned to make each other feel at home. Part of that was Nancy cooking us sadza, chicken and stew or I taking her to an Ethiopian restaurant. After graduation we both kept in touch with each other, and we reminisced about our Wooster days while looking forward to the future. She prospered at IMF and was looking forward to pursuing a PhD in Finance. The brilliant person Nancy was she had received multiple offers from universities. And then this happens. Why? I still have yet to make sense of it. At the back of my mind, I am still waiting for her next text, or another Skype date or a phone call. But for right now, all I am left with are memories that I will hold dear to my heart. I will always love and miss you until we meet again my friend!

Blain Tesfaye, The College of Wooster '12


I first met Nancy at our first Usap meeting in Harare, she had a contagious smile. Coming to the US she was always a breath of fresh air and we shared many laughs together. Nancy was taken from us too soon but she will always remain in our hearts and we will forever cherish her memory.

Tracy Lukwani Bodzo, Mount Holyoke College '12


She called me muroora. I called her auntie Nancy. I knew her personally for about a year, yet I feel as if I have known her my whole life. We grew so close over the past year, yet we never met in person. I knew auntie Nancy through the man in my life, Don. They went to high school together, and Don was so fond of the energy that auntie Nancy gave into the universe. It was not long before I started receiving good doses of that energy, and you know what? I fell in love with her personality. Before we knew it, we were checking on each other often, and planning to meet in person. Little did both of us know that God had other plans. He took her home before I squeezed her palms, gave her a big hug and told her how happy I was to finally meet her in person. I last had a chat with auntie Nancy the last Friday before she was called home. I only wish I had known we had very little time together. Auntie Nancy is gone, but not forgotten. I will remember her for the laughter, thrill and joy she brought in my life for the short time I knew her. To the Tinozas, thank you for sharing Nancy with us. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Lucy Chikwetu, Masvingo, Zimbabwe

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