USAP Zimbabwe Profiles

Since it's inception in 1999, USAP has helped tens of Zimbabwean students get accepted to top notch colleges in the United States. Some have since graduated and are working in various fields in the United States and elsewhere around the world and some have chosen to remain in academia at various institutions in the United States. There are over a hundred USAP students from Zimbabwe alone and each one of them has an amazing story to tell. Below are brief profiles of some of our students just to give you a glimpse of our diversity as a people as well as the diversity of our their career paths and futures.

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CLASS 0F 2019

Kudzaishe George Zharare
MIT '19

Kudzaishe George Zharare"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Born and raised in Epworth, a high residential area in the outskirts of Harare, Kudzaishe is an optimistic and humble young man who is best defined by his persistence. Whilst he was doing his primary education at Chinamano Primary, he learnt to maximize every opportunity and to have a fighting spirit despite how hard the situation might be. On completion of his Ordinary Level at Morgan High, Kudzi emerged as the best O-Level student in the Mbare-Hatfield district by setting a new O-Level record at Morgan High School. He went on to attain As in all the four subjects he did for Advanced Level at Goromonzi High.

He is really passionate in seeing better things for his community and country at large. Whilst in Epworth, he was an active member of the rabbit project and a vibrant peer educator who helped reduce the HIV incidence rate in Epworth and the impacts of drug abuse. He was the projects coordinator of the school science club whilst at Goromonzi. He and his quiz team reached the national high schools quiz finals four times. He reached the national math Olympiads final twice. Being admitted into USAP was his greatest achievement since it shaped his future in many positive ways.

Whilst at MIT, he hopes to study aeronautics and electrical engineering and he believes he will play a pivotal role in reviving the airline system of his country.

Tatenda Makuvatsine
Lander University '19

Tatenda MakuvatsineBorn and grew up mainly in Chinhoyi, Tatenda lived in the heart of ghetto (Gadzema), surrounded by many school drop-outs, prostitutes and gangsters. He studied his O level at Nemakonde High School, where he was mentored spiritually and got much help on his studies from teachers who liked his inquisitiveness and a love for learning character. Thus, this saw him be the best O level student in 2012, in turn becoming a role model in the community. He had lost his mother from Rheumatic heart disease in December 2011 and a lovely baby sister in April 2012 who suffered from pneumonia. Due to the emotional pain he suffered during and after his mother's sickness, and many disappointments from the health system, Tatenda's passion for medicine has continued to flourish. He wants to make his mother and sister relive in his patients. Moreover, he believes that God has blessed him and will make him a blessing in this precious field. Psalms 37 v 5 and 1 Corinthians 2 v 9 give him strength in all his endeavours and the courage to tackle his heart desires because "if you dream you can create it", so he says.

Tatenda's love to help other people has been rooting as from 2012 as he tutored a group of his schoolmates whilst they had no science teacher at the school. At A level which he did at Mazowe High School, he was the Treasurer of the Interact Club which paid school fees for some primary school students and bought educational supplements for Mazowe Nursery School. With his love for Maths and Science subjects, he rejuvenated the Math and Science Club and was the President. He also joined the Youth Against AIDS Club. Altogether, he was an active member of the Scripture Union and Praise and Worship team. Tatenda was also in the School Choir and formed his own group which sang in the church. Hence, his singing and song-writing skills improved. He has a passion for music. He was the School's decor team leader. Moreover, Tatenda was appointed as a Spiritual prefect at this Salvation Army School and grabbed the opportunities to preach, organise events and mentor other students on their relationship with God, with pleasure. Tatenda will be studying at Lander University. His dream one day is to establish a scholarship foundation for financially disadvantaged bright students as he was helped by USAP and The Mufuka Family Foundation to be on the road to his goals. Furthermore, he wants to establish high quality rural hospitals in his home of Zimbabwe.

Sisasenkosi Mandi
Brown University '19

Sisasenkosi MandiSisasenkosi was born into a family of three. She grew up in Bulawayo and attended Masiyephambili High School. An avid reader and writer, Sisa has been an active participant in various writing competitions. She won the annual Cover to Cover short story competition three times.

At Masiyephambili she got 10 A's at Ordinary Level and went on to study Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry at Advanced Level. She soon discovered her passion for biology which fuelled her interest in life and all of its complexities. She was involved in several clubs and leadership activities. Sisa was the president of the Toastmasters Society, where she initiated various leadership programs. She was also part of the Debate Society and the French Club. Sisa is highly disciplined self-motivated and focused. As a result, she was selected to be the Headgirl of her school.

Sisasenkosi believes in the power of education to transform lives and is a firm believer in education for all. She intends to become an instrumental figure in the socio-economic transformation of her community by enhancing young people's access to education. She looks forward to immersing herself in the rich cultural diversity at brown. She intends to pursue studies in the field of biology as well as writing for the Brown Daily Herald.

"Education is the most powerful tool with which we can change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Farai Albert Mutonhori
The University of Rochester '19

Farai Albert MutonhoriThe birth of this young man surely meant three things; History will be re-written, borders will be re-drawn, and the world will be made ever better.

A combination of bottomless ambition, shrewdness and stern determination has seen this multi-talented fellow rise from the dusty streets of the Mucheke community area to a lavish city in the empire state of New York. Farai may be destined for scaling staggering heights, but his beginnings are humble and mostly filled with pitfalls and snares -He got the best of both worlds. However, unlike most kids his age that regard the "ghetto" as a disadvantaged place to call home, the exciting truth is Farai celebrates his awful upbringing and appreciates the valuable principles that his parents imparted in him which helped shape him into who he is today. "It's not about what you got, it's what you make out of what you got that really counts."

Always exhilarated about exploring new ideas, Farai is a humble, hardworking and self-motivated individual who is inspired by his burning desire to enhance the world and make it a better place. From a tender age, Farai always had an unfathomable passion for engineering and a deep craving for music. Most striking was his ability to champion any form of creativity and this aptitude has earned him numerous academic accolades. Moreover, he believes without hard work, the magic wouldn't have come. While his academic attributes are impressive enough, Farai considers his first donation to Mucheke Old's People's home to be the momentous day of his life. As an African, he clearly understands that he's not measured by language, height or pigment but by the choice to take a risk and be a voice that can make a difference.

Throughout his high school years, Farai was very pro-active in a lot of extracurricular activities. He was involved in several campaigns that helped castigate the harmful and social human practices. He was also Co-founding spokesperson of an environmental club at his school, Visionaries At Pamushana [VAP] that promotes a clean, safe and fun learning environment for students. He also served as president of the Debate, Quiz and Public Speaking Club at his school in which he consistently displayed unfailing oratory prowess. Speaking of music, Farai still delivers songs that are infused with meaning, emotion and the reality of life. His music mainly focuses on the challenges young people face when growing up.

As a recipient of the Renaissance and Global Scholarship, Farai will double major in Electrical and Computing Engineering, as well as Entrepreneurship. The University of Rochester will be a phenomenal place where his long-held ambition for engineering, art and music will be fully sated and blossomed. In his relentless pursuit of ideas, he also intends to be an aspiring global leader, a staunch philanthropist and a panacea to the contemporary energy challenges faced in Zimbabwe, Africa and the whole world at large. His, is a mind that's not centered on the humdrum of everyday life but rather an eccentric mind that strives to make the best out of the world's endless possibilities. He definitely might not be Superman, but it's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes Farai believe he's going to change the world. Yes he can! Yes we can! Yes we will!

"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when we have footprints on the moon. Ambition is limitless." - Paul Brandt

Alvin Chitena
Wesleyan University '19

Alvin Chitena"The sky is not the limit, it is just a barrier that can be breached".

Alvin grew up in Emakhandeni, a high density suburb in Bulawayo. He did his primary education at Baines Junior School where he was always the top student. In his youth, he went through many trying times, including the tragic loss of his father when he was ten. Throughout his life, Alvin met many disappointments in different shapes and sizes but still managed to overcome each one of them. He completed his O-Level studies at St Columba's High School and produced one of the best O-Level results at the school. He also completed his A-Level Science studies at the same school.

Alvin is a committed member of society, an attribute visible in his work with the AIDS Club at his school. Besides raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and participating in HIV/AIDS quizzes, Alvin also volunteered at the Mpilo Hospital Pathology Laboratory. He was the Editor of the Debate Club and the Vice President of the Environmental Club. Alvin served as the Head-boy of his school and he used this platform to organize various workshops which bordered on higher education and career opportunities for those who were about to complete high school. Alvin was the Editor-In-Chief of the Young Writers' Club at his school. His passion for writing is evident in the national and international awards he has received. He was Zimbabwe's finalist and representative in the 2014 S.A.D.C Secondary Schools Essay Competition and also a finalist in the 2014 S.A.D.C Youth In Tourism Essay Competition. He also clinched third place in the Cover to Cover short-story competition. His achievements led him to become the first ever student in the history of St Columba's High to be honored with the prestigious Headmistress' Award for his exceptional achievements that raised the school flag high.

Whilst at Wesleyan, Alvin hopes to study Computer Science. He is very dedicated to developing his country and firmly believes that technology will be the driving force of that development.

Fadzai Mataru
Yale University '19

Fadzai MataruBorn and raised in the small town of Masvingo, Fadzai always thought that her future was set in stone; graduate with an Honour's degree in something, get married and have kids just as any small town girl would. She didnt have any dreams of her own because all had been decided for her but she woke up everyday wondering if that was all there was to life. Haunted by these thoughts, she strove for excellence just hoping maybe she could push her boundaries and find that there was something greater beyond - and there was. Driven by her insatiable inquisitiveness, she excelled in school and her name became well known at Runyararo Primary School and Zimuto High School where she was a student for the greater part of her academic journey. Twice a Headgirl, she was also selected unanimously to lead various clubs and the success of the Writer's Club highlighted most of her life's work. She was a passionate participant in the school's athletic team too. Indeed she was an all-rounder.

The girl she sees when she looks in the mirror is not the same girl she saw 10 years ago. She sees a girl who defied the odds of her ever making it big in life. Most of all she sees a girl who is not afraid to dream because now she knows she can achieve whatever she sets her mind on. Strongly inspired by Ben Carson's story in her plans for the future, Fadzai intends to study Biomedical Engineering and take premed classes to ultimately become a Neurosurgeon who will travel the world and offer her free services to countries that cannot afford them. She also plans to take dance classes and learn French. The future has never been brighter.

"l want to thank all those who said no to me; they're the reason l am doing it myself." Albert Einstein

Tapiwanashe Blessing Zvidzwa
Grinell College '19

Tapiwanashe Blessing Zvidzwa"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" – Steve Jobs

This is the quote that always gave the fighting spirit to this highly motivated and energetic young man every day in the midst of countless everyday challenges he faced.

Being the second born in a family of three, Tapiwa was raised in the Zvimba district at Kutama College throughout his entire childhood where his father taught and where his mother worked at Father 'O' Hea hospital as a nurse. He attended primary school at Martindale primary and later on changed to Kutama day primary due to economic hardships.

He then proceeded to Kutama College for high school where he did not let his disadvantaged economic background curtail his academic endeavors. Whilst at Kutama, he scooped numerous prizes including the prestigious academic tie. Furthermore, he attained 11 straight As in is 'O' level exams. He went on to study Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at 'A' level. Outside the classroom he proved beyond doubt that he was a shining star. He participated actively in the school government body as the study prefect and later on went to be elected as the school Headboy. The student body benefited tremendously from his powerful public speaking skills. He managed to resuscitate the school's quiz club from dormancy and organized the first ever provincial quiz tournament. His team later on proceeded to the semi-finals in its year of inception. He was also president of the First Aid Society and an enthusiastic member of the Christian living Community.

Tapiwa was interested in swimming and athletics. He currently dreams of becoming a game changer in the software engineering sector and intends to pursue computer science and economics in college. He believes that he has not yet reached his zenith yet and that there are still higher mountains to climb.

Nomaqhawe Ncube
Wellesley College '19

Nomaqhawe NcubeFrom the remote high density suburb of Cowdray-Park hails Nomaqhawe, a young lady who has always chosen to dream beyond her present situation. Nomaqhawe draws her inspiration from her mother who left for South Africa when she was six, teaching her to follow her dreams no matter the risk. After her mother left, Nomaqhawe and her family led a migratory life that saw her changing schools every year until she landed at Luveve High School. After four years at Luveve High School she left an academic mark which other girls after her followed.

She proceeded to Mpopoma High School where a variety of opportunities were presented to her, including her introduction to USAP, which changed her life completely. It is at Mpopoma High School that the reserved Nomaqhawe broke out of the cocoon to be a well-rounded student involved in various clubs, including the Adventist society, YMCA, and Lead Us Today.

Her biggest wakeup call was when she received the MasterCard scholarship to study at Wellesley, adding that it was the hand of God and hopes to utilize the opportunity fully. Wellesley-bound Nomaqhawe says she won't forget to pack with her an open mind as she heads to the land of opportunities. She currently hopes to major in neuroscience then take the medicine pathway and be a missionary doctor. "Saved by God in order to serve others" is the motto Nomaqhawe lives by, confessing that she won't be where she is had she not been saved and favored by God.

Ntombizodwa Makuyana
Arizona State University '19

Ntombizodwa MakuyanaGrowing up, in the high density suburb of Southly Park and walking long distances from borehole while balancing a twenty litre tin of water on her head, the dream finally unveils for her. Ntombi is a passionate, industrious and humble friendly lady who dreams to be a neurosurgeon.

She attended Kudakwashe primary school where her leadership skills mushroomed after being appointed a prefect. Moving on to secondary school, she enrolled at Highfield High One where she was awarded a certificate for having the best results in her district and got a Makomborero Scholarship which changed her life tremendously. Ntombi's character is best described by the posts she held at school: house leader, secretary for Quiz club, team leader for Ministry, leader for First aid Club and first team player for netball. During her A level, Ntombi extended her academic excellence to other countries by getting the sixth position in the SADC region (excluding South Africa) in the Science Olympiad. At Gateway she is remembered as an intrepid who challenges reality.

Ntombi believes that education is a weapon that can change society. She is a pen that waits to make marks in the world. Just like dears pant for water, her heart longs to make a significant change in her community through her studies in the science field. She is the first in her family of four children to go to university. As she will be attending at Arizona State University, she looks forward to the next chapter of her new life to unfold.

"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead," a quote by Nelson Mandela is her maxim.

Clarety Kaseke
Barnard College '19

Clarety KasekeIn 1995 the Kaseke family in Chitungwiza was blessed by an innovative girl who has a quest for academic prowess; Clarety. She did her ordinary level and advanced level at Seke One High. She was a prefect at 'O' level and a headgirl at 'A' level. It can never be more apparent - she is destined to be a leader. Although life has treated her as if she had been born in opposition to the dictates of reason, this has never been a restriction for her. Through the rugged terrain of her childhood she has held on to her confidence and achieved outstanding high school grades. She was awarded a Makomborero scholarship at 'O' level and is the first USAP student to be admitted into Barnard College. Columbia University.

As an aspiring neurosurgeon, she hopes to cultivate a scholarly climate that encourages intellectual curiosity at Barnard. Clarety firmly believes in women; their creativity and academic excellence. She is highly determined to leave her footprints in the sands of time. If she can dream it, why not? If they did it why can't she? "Dream big, either way you have to dream so why dream small?"

Shantel Marekera
Arizona State University '19

Shantel MarekeraWhoever propounded the assertion that a student cannot astoundingly succeed in sports, clubs, as well as academics at the same time was dismally wrong. Shantel Marekera can be described as the practical version of President Obama's , "Yes we can!" saying, as she is an epitome of success in the world of visionaries. Although she was a first team player of the Chinhoyi high school softball team that won the national games for four consecutive years, represented Zimbabwe at the Books Botswana Spelling Bee Contest, a regular writer for the Sunday mail bridge section, provisional public speaking champion, child governor in the Junior Parliament of Zimbabwe, and head girl at Chinhoyi high school, she still managed to attain nineteen points at Advanced Level.

She credits all this success to the people who have always stood by her in life, providing support from all angles, her number one fans who happen to be her mother, cousin sister, and her grandfather. Without them, she affirms, she would never have gone this far. The six years she spent at Chinhoyi High School also moulded her to be the centre of excellence that she is today. It is at Chinhoyi high school that she got the platform to unleash the greatness in her, and show the world amazing things that determination can do.

Shantel's dream is to be a world renowned lawyer, who will become an instigator of change not only in Zimbabwe, but the global village as a whole. She cites that Arizona State University will be just another theatre where she will showcase Zimbabwe's talent, and take it to a new dimension.. Hence in simpler term she vows to bring to ASU a prospective editor for the student newspaper, a right outfielder for the softball team, the 2017 college president, a weekend volunteer in the Arizona community, a public speaker, all wrapped up in one package, who is determined to leave good footprints on the sands of Arizona State University.

Gogo Mukumba (her grandmother's) words will forever continue to motivate and strengthen her, "It is only in geography when winds are determined by the direction at which they blow from, but in real life your background never matters"

Alpha Ngwenya
Arizona State University '19

Alpha Ngwenya"Your past is nothing but a pathway to your future."

Alpha is a strong willed individual who has emerged strong in spite of his life challenges. He lost his parents at a tender age and his grandparents passed away long before he was born. Alpha was the first one on his family tree at the age of 13. He would sell biscuits and sweets in the streets before and after school. So as to raise fees for himself and his young brother. He did temporal jobs in order to raise money for food in the family.

Being an orphan inspired Alpha to co-found an organisation named "Help the Children feed the Nation", which feeds and helps street kids in Bulawayo. He is a former Head boy of Hamilton high school and a President of more than 4 clubs at Hamilton. He was able to be the best student at 'O' level in his high school. Alpha is a soccer player who was the captain of the school soccer team scoring 17 goals in 15 games. He also played for division 2 side Coritains FC in Victoria Falls. He is enthusiastic about giving back to the community as indicated by his voluntary work at Queen Elizabeth Children's home. Alpha believes that he was born a leader and aspires to solve social issues. He is proud to be majoring in social work.

Eric Khumalo
University of California, Berkeley '19

Eric khumalo"Action is the foundational key to all success" - Pablo Picasso

A direct descendant of the Ndebele royal family, Eric never enjoyed the majestic robes of royalty. His father's death left him clothed with the majestic robes of poverty! He never lost hope of a better future, of serving the world which ensured his growth into a wholesome individual inspired to change the community. Family responsibilities have transformed him into a parent-like figure as he plays the triple role of father, brother and mother to his teenage siblings.

Eric is the valedictorian to all the schools he attended, lately attaining 20 points from Mpopoma High School. He made the top ten in the Old Mutual Mathematics Olympiad and has since used his mathematical acumen to benefit his community. He volunteers as an A Level Mathematics teacher and consultant at Nketa and Tsholotsho High Schools. He spear-headed the birth of the AntDrive Movement under Lead Us Today which solves the unemployment crisis in Bulawayo. Eric was actively involved in 14 high school clubs and is a passionate volleyball player. He taught Mathematics and Science at Mate Secondary School and John Landa Nkomo High School in rural Tsholotsho.

His understanding of the pains of hunger made him co-found HCFN (Help the Children. Feed the Nation) organization. He volunteered at Queen Elizabeth Children's home and partook and street sweepings under the Rotaract Club. At Emganwini Suburb, he helps students with their homework and teaches at Sunday school.

As a Cal Bear! He will double major in Computer Science and Mathematics under the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship. He campaigns for the establishment of e-learning and school development in Matebeleland to give the community an alternative to illegal migration to South Africa in search of greener pastures.

"There is one weakness in people for which there is no remedy. It is the universal weakness of lack of ambition" - Napoleon Hill

Malvern Madondo
College of st. Scholastica '19

Malvern Madondo"Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well."

Malvern is currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science, with a concentration in software engineering, at The College of St. Scholastica. Prior to college, Malvern attended All Souls’ High, a Roman Catholic boarding school in Mutoko, where he did Form 1 – 4 from 2008 -2011 before graduating and transferring to St. Francis of Assisi High, another Catholic boarding school in Chivhu, where he did his Advanced Level studies from 2012 -2013.

He was actively involved in the student government at All Souls’ High and was a Prefect for three years beginning 2009. He also led the Altar Servers Association at All Souls’ Parish and helped with the liturgy. He was actively involved in the Mutoko District Math Olympiads where he won first position twice. During his Advanced Level studies at Assisi, Malvern focused on Pure and Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Business Studies. He was the School Captain/ Head-boy from 2012 -2013 and at the same time, President of the Debate and Public Speaking Club.

Malvern took a gap year after high school and taught for seven months before he interned at the Education Advising Center at the Public Affairs Section of the U.S Embassy in Harare. For Malvern, USAP has opened unimaginable doors that have opened to paths filled with great discoveries and experiences in his life so far. He has networked with other students from Zimbabwe and other countries, who began as strangers to him at first, and gradually became friends and finally, family.

Malvern hails from Rusape, Zimbabwe, but for the most part, has lived in Harare, in the bustling suburb of Budiriro. He is the third in a family of six children. He hopes to venture into an IT-Education-Business-Entrepreneurship –Science trade, the whole package, in the hopes of following his dreams of starting a school for the economically disadvantaged, improving the education in the most rural parts of Zimbabwe and the beyond, developing cutting-edge technology to help run firms, industries, schools, homes, and much more.

Malvern is always looking to network, professionally and socially. Rumor has it that he enjoys watching movies with happy endings, listening to music (no matter the language or genre), playing volleyball, gaming and outdoor activities and that he is passionate about writing and international relations. It’s hard to tell where he stands and he doesn’t know where life is taking him but, gratias Deo, he is on the way. There is hope.

"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star." - W. Clement Stone

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Liqhwa Nokukhanya Lubimbi Ncube
University of Pennsylvania '19

Liqhwa Nokukhanya Lubimbi NcubeLet your life speak.

Growing up in the high density suburb of Mganwini, orphaned at the age of 9 and raised by a single mother. Liqhwa is an epitome of success and an ambassador of Christ in her community. She is a determined, hardworking individual who possesses a drive and shows considerable self-initiative. She displayed a mature attitude to her studies being self-motivated and diligent in all aspects of her course enabling her to attain ten A's in ordinary level .Her outstanding academics, civic engagement and community orientation enabled her to attain the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship a prestigious scholarship in her country. She was the only girl in her school who did 4 subjects and managed to write both Cambridge and Zimsec A' level examinations and being the highest in the Matebelaland North Province availing her amazing risk-taking personality.

Throughout her high school Liqhwa has been in involved in various activities. She was the President of the Enriching Young Lives a non-profit organisation which fundraises to pay school fees for children in the rural area of Ntabazinduna. She was also the co-founder of the Matebeleland Upliftment Group, a group of young youths dedicated to bring Matebeleland to a better level in any possible way. She was the president of the Interact Club, Girl Empowerment Movement and house captain. She was also the Vice President of the Environmental Club and initiated a project which has changed the grounds of John Tallach for the better. She is also an athlete and has been awarded various medals in the long and triple jumps. She was also house Captain. She has also won the Potraz essay writing completion in 2011 and the came third nationally in the world Ozone essay gaining accolades for both. Overally Liqhwa is an all-rounder and where she lacks skill she makes up for it by her enthusiasm .Recently she was invited to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference. She volunteers as an A Level Biology teacher at Mabero College. She is a facilitator at Lead Us Today which solves the unemployment crisis in Bulawayo. She volunteered at Queen Elizabeth Children's home with the USAP family and partook in road and pothole filling, prison visits and hospital visits with the Adventist Youth at Emganwini Suburb.

While at Penn she hopes to be an ambassador of Ubuntu. She will be studying in the College of Arts and Sciences .She will be a Quaker the whole world will remember. As she proceeds with her academic journey Liqhwa keeps in mind her own words, Success is not about me being successful as an individual but about my community shaping their dreams and accomplishing them, Together we win!

Lincoln Mtemeri
Arizona State University '19

Lincoln MtemeriBorn and raised in an unsophisticated rural village of Sanyati, was Lincoln's inevitable challenge, but he didn't let his dreams succumb to failure because of looming poverty in his lovely family and lack of exposure from his village.

Lincoln attended his primary education at Gambiza Primary School before his secondary education at Neuso Secondary School in Sanyati, Kadoma. He served as a devoted school choir member from grade 4 to 7 and was nominated to be a school head boy in his final grade. A numbered waves of disappointments illuminated on his way, but instead of overriding his dreams, they actually fuelled his desires to reach primary stages of success. He could temporally drop out of school to work tirelessly in nearby farms as a way of raising money for his stationery. At his secondary school, he was a strong choir member and was selected to serve as a prefect in his form two. He exceled in his academics being driven by the motivation of a better tomorrow for both, his family and nation at large, Having performed very well at Neuso secondary, he was transferred to Triangle, a small sugar estate in Zimbabwe to attend Mufakose High School for form three and four. At Mufakose he became a dedicated Scripture Union member and was appointed to be the club's treasurer. He wrote his O-levels while he had dropped out of school due to financial constraints and scored exceptional results. He was the best O-level student at district level. Lincoln proceeded to A-level at Terry Goss High School. Where he was under the Triangle Limited Company scholarship. While at Terry Goss, he was made the school's Senior Prefect. Lincoln is a role model to his younger brothers and sisters.

He is willing to be equipped and empowered in anyway, academically, spiritually, and in all sporting activities as a Sun Devil at ASU. After attaining his honours degree in chemical engineering and chemistry, he is looking forward to attend a school of medicine and become a qualified medical practitioner. His plans are to help his community and nation at large. He wants to open dialysis centres and many medical centres in rural areas.

Reflecting on his early life, he said, "l found myself in a family that was economically marginalised yet on the counter perspective l had dreams of studying abroad, but now, by God's unwavering love and amazing grace, l am going to Arizona States University (ASU) under MasterCard scholarship program to major in Chemical engineering and chemistry".

Sancharz Gore
Harvard University '19

Sancharz Gore"If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep even as Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, "Here lived a great sweeper who did his job well"" - Martin Luther King

Sancharz is a highly motivated and tenacious young lady. She was born in Harare, as the third born in a family of five. The first seven years of her education were spent at three different primary schools. She then proceeded on to Kriste Mambo Girls High School, which moulded her into a lady of substance. Whilst at Kriste Mambo, Sancharz received several awards for academic excellence and for being the most hardworking student. At Ordinary Level, she was one of the best students at Kriste Mambo with Straight As and she received a bursary from Solon Foundation and Karikoga Orphan Fund (St Charles Lwanga Parish, Ruwa). She went on to study Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Computing for Advanced Level and she continued to maintain a culture of excellence. On Kriste Mambo's Golden Jubilee Celebrations, she was awarded prizes for attaining first position in Chemistry and for being the Overall Best Science student. Most importantly, Sancharz was the first recipient of the T.R. Manungo Floating Shield of Academic
Excellence, which is awarded to the Overall Best Advanced Level student.

At Kriste Mambo, Sancharz was actively involved in Debate and Public Speaking, School Choral Group, and Christian Life Community. She was also a strong reader in the school church for a number of years. During her years at Kriste Mambo, she was chosen to be a Librarian Prefect and through this position, she displayed her gracious but firm nature. With her fellow USAP siblings, she set up a group called Beam of Hope that visits orphanages to interact with children in a fun-filled way.

Currently, Sancharz is involved in a number of charitable activities. She is a passionate volunteer tutor and teaches Ordinary Level Mathematics and Integrated Science at a local informal school in Ruwa. She absolutely enjoys volunteering and tutoring Mathematics at Chiedza Childcare Centre on Wednesdays and describes this day as the best day of her week.

Following the death of her father in 2004, Sancharz went through a difficult childhood. However, she believes the challenges she encountered and overcame have had a positive formative influence on her. She draws inspiration from her mother and grandmother who struggled to raise her, well grounded in values of education and hard work. She prays these two heroines will live to witness the beauty of her dreams.

Sancharz believes we are blessed to become blessers. She wants to use the education she will receive at Harvard to unleash the greatness of her fellow Zimbabweans. At Harvard, Sancharz wants to pursue her intellectual interests and utilize every opportunity that is given to her.

"There are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people"

Lovender Teresa Phiri
Arizona State University '19

Lovender Teresa Phiri"A journey of a thousand steps and a thousand falls and two thousand ways of getting back up." From the city of Kings and Queens (Bulawayo) was born a gifted, talented and spirited girl that would surely change the face of the nation and world at large. Lovender did her O levels at Tafara 1 High school where she excelled as a student and managed to scoop a total of 11 subjects comprising of As and Bs. Here she participated in a lot of leadership and community based activitivies. She was a peer educator for Mavambo Trust in Mabvuku and due to her team building and leadership skills she became the junior head girl in 2012. She then went on to Mabvuku High School Harare, there she also strongly participated in debate and public speaking and due to her well manners and eagerness to learn more she was again nominated head girl in her final year at Mabvuku. To make journey of a thousand steps more promising for her future she managed to pass her A level with flying colours which enabled her to gain a place at Arizona State University under the MasterCard scholarship for this fall.

Lovender is a free spirited, whimsical, and strong girl always so keen and eager to learn new things and has an adventurous mind and heart. She is a strong human rights advocator, hence being a Junior parliamentarian in 2012 in the Mabvuku constituency and above all she is a proud and stern Christian who puts God above all she does. Lovender hopes to bring a young, fresh and very innovative mind to ASU and being in the USAP family has helped her gain more in confidence and love for others. Lovender hopes to improve the livelihood of her home, community and nation at large not just physically but spiritually as well.

Mphonyana Mayangamutse
Michigan State University '19

Mphonyana MayangamutseA natural leader, self-motivated lady who despite all the tears shed has survived and she is convinced it is just the beginning. Mphonyana has lived in the high density of Warren Park for the eighteen years life. Born second in a family of four girls, she attended Chembira Primary School and then Warren Park 3 Primary School. Mpho as many call her, transitioned to Kriste Mambo High School, where she was shaped into a lady of worth and vision.

She invested untiring efforts in community service as the President for Leadership Experience Opportunities (LEO), an affiliate of LIONS International. She was selected to be part of the LEO District Executive Board for Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Mpho actively participated in debate and public speaking and was crowned Best Debater for Manicaland 2014, Best Debater for Zimbabwe's Northern Region and finally Third Best Debater in Southern Africa. Regardless of her active participation in extra- curricular activities, Mpho never lost focus of her academic work and sleeping no more than five hours in her final junior year , she attained straight A's becoming one of the Best Ordinary Level Students at Kriste Mambo. She says one of her greatest achievements in life was becoming part of the USAP class of 2019 because it led her to the realization that there is room for her to broaden her horizons.

Following the death of her father in 2009, financial adversities surrounding her became more daunting but they never deterred her from making a name for herself. She was a recipient of the Solon Foundation Bursary during her Advanced Level. She studied Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computing and was the Best A' Level student for 2014. After high school she worked as a Documentation Intern at World Education Inc. / Bantwana where she further developed a passion for writing and photography and improving the lives of vulnerable children and their caregivers and families affected by HIV and AIDS and poverty.

The lady with a pretty smile, believes that she makes a living from what she gets but makes a life from what she gives. She is determined to study Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University under the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship and come back home to give back.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Rutendo Madziwo
Smith College '19

Rutendo MadziwoThere's a word for every letter of the alphabet to describe Rutendo; from Ambitious, Benevolent, Creative, Dedicated to Resourceful, Sparkling, Tactful right until the last letters of the alphabet X-ceptional, Youthful and Zealous.

A resident of the sleepy, inconspicuous farming town of Rusape in Zimbabwe's Manicaland Province, Rutendo has journeyed to places as far as France, San Francisco, South Africa and England with "fellow writers"; William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Jeffrey Archer, Nelson Mandela and Marcus Garvey, through reading their books. Growing up, she says, she loved reading and this wide exposure to books as well as her creativity and natural flair with words contributed to her winning the second prize of the National Black History Month essay competition. Not only is she an aspiring writer but she is also a passionate public speaker and debater.Rutendo also co- founded the CLC Newsletter at her school and was the editor of the now blossoming school magazine.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Rutendo's homeland played a pivotal role in defining who she is. "Zimbabwe is a country with tremendous social inequality and a lot of economical challenges and I always felt a drive to make a change" she explains." My 6 years of high school at Monte Cassino Girls' High where the motto is "Ora et Labora" (Work and Pray) also helped mould me into a hardworking, innovative and cheerful person who is able to give selflessly to others." Her favourite activity as a member of the Christian Life Community and Youth Against Aids clubs was her involvement in fundraising activities to help the poor. After leaving school she carried out voluntary work at Chiedza Community- an orphanage, and also gave free tutorials to struggling 'O' level students.

Rutendo says the biggest lesson she has learned is that regardless of your background or social standing anything is possible. "It's about the passion, because the passion stirs the drive to make anything possible," her biggest inspiration- her mother used to tell her. "My mother always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what I was passionate about and once successful help bring change in my community."

As she leaves for Northampton to study at Smith Rutendo looks forward to be a bio-medical engineer and at the same time publish a health magazine for women in Africa in a bid to conscientize and therefore increase the mortality rate in Africa." Maybe also one day write my own novel!"

Munashe Mugonda
Franklin College '19

Munashe MugondaBorn in Maonde, Munashe Florence grew up watchful and determined to see a brighter today and tomorrow. Vivacious to see change, to see a people reaching greater heights and wearing blaring smiles, she grew up selfless and ready to serve with a willing and diligent heart.
She was raised in Chikanga 2, a high density suburb in Mutare. She went to Dangare Primary School and St Josephs Primary School. She was given poems to recite on prize giving days by her teacher in grade three. This is a memory which shows her and makes her realize that she has something in her to offer to this world.

Setting a pace at St Augustine's High school by attaining 23 points at 'A' level in Mathematics, Further mathematics, Chemistry, Computing and Physics, she also honored her teachers who assisted her in proceeding to A' level. After attaining 10A's and 1B at 'O' level she was assisted in paying her fees by her teachers and Youth Alive Zimbabwe and later by Solon Foundations since her parents could no longer afford to make her to proceed to 'A' level.

Despite all the financial predicaments, Munashe was very active and vibrant at school. She was the women soccer captain which became a vibrant team during her time in office. The team scooped the Manicaland ASA trophy and later elected the most disciplined team. Munashe was also the Female President of youth alive, junior prefect, School Majoress (Head girl), Scripture Union Vice President. She also spearheaded fund raising campaigns to pay school fees for her fellow students who were about to drop out of school. She gave courage to her fellow students and strongly advised girls to pull their strings together and show the world that gender is not a barrier to excellence.

After completing her A' level, Munashe helped people in her community to prepare to write their national exams and also had a one year long internship at Mutare American Corner, an Education USA advising center. Successfully, Munashe implemented a gardening project at Simukai Child Protection Program center where they visit weekly with other volunteers.

Munashe got accepted at Franklin College, a small liberal arts college. She will major into mathematics and computer science and minor in philosophy and then Computer engineering. Munashe aspires to bring about change in the technical field in Zimbabwe which she believes is so central and essential to the sustainability and productivity of any other industry.

Clive Tinashe Matsika
Arizona State University '19

Clive Tinashe MatsikaFrom the small town of Mbare, hails a destined young man who is determined to make a mark in this world. Elated by every success and educated by every difficulty, he was launched into a loop of positive feedback and his knowledge grew exponentially. Clive Tinashe Matsika is the first born in a family of three children. He says he inherited a passion for learning, adaptability to austere living conditions and an insatiable curiosity which has served him throughout his academic career. He did his primary level at St Peter's Primary and Form 1-4 at St Peter's Secondary School in Mbare. Whilst at St Peter's Secondary, he received several awards for academic excellence such as best student per subject and for being overall best student in form 2, 3 and 4. He sat for twelve subjects and attained all As and a C in Shona. At Ordinary Level, he was the best student in the Mbare/Hatfield District in 2012. He also received Kwayedza prizes for producing the best results in the Mbare/Hatfield district in 2012. At advanced level, he took Maths, Physics, Chemistry and (Accounts A.s Level) at St George's College under the Makomborero scholarship programme. He continued with the same spirit and received academic colours at St George's College in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Following his remarkable Ordinary Level results, Clive has always come out on top and on his way, has made some noteworthy achievements like becoming one of the best top ten international students for the prestigious Olympiad- South African Science Olympiad (SAASTA).

Clive is not just a science person but a well-rounded one. Mentioning him is incomplete without mentioning his concern for the well-being of everyone, especially those within his vicinity. He did several voluntary works such as starting a youth group that works with orphans at Danai Children's Home and led other clean up campaigns in Mbare. He was a treasurer of C.L.C (St George's College Christian Life Community) and an active member of the debate team. At the college, he played badminton, volleyball and cricket in high school because of his passion for these sports which helped him enjoy the book free world part of his life. Clive believes that he is blessed to bless others and as a result, he spends his leisure time helping other students in his community with their school work and at Chiedza Childcare Centre.

He is looking forward to specialising in Mechanical engineering or Aircraft engineering at Arizona State University funded by the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program where he looks forward to the next chapter in his dream to unfold and an interminable .passion to ignite positive change in Africa and the whole world at large.

Joel Tshite
University of Southern Indiana '19

Joel Tshite"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, doeth with thy might." - Ben Carson

The fifth in the family of nine, Joel was born in the enormous sized DRC, a bountiful place in many ways blessed with diamonds, cobalt and many natural resources; however, he was unfortunate to not have enjoyed the benefits of the son of the soil in the mother country. In 2001 when Joel was six years old his family fled to a distant place where they felt the sense of security, protection and freedom and this place happened to be Tongogara refugee Camp in Zimbabwe. This is a very remote, skeletal, high density and rural area full of people from different war victimized countries in Africa.

Nudged by his family's economic situation, Joel was forced to attend schools in the refugee camp. He did his primary education at Tongogara Primary School which is located some 2km away from the camp. His academic achievements attracted so many people's attention; he won academic awards several times and as a result many kids would flock around Joel's house for extra-lessons. He did his O level at St Michael, a local school in the camp which was well known for two things, one was its field achievements in sports and the other one was for being the worse school in the Province having recorded a 9-year O% pass rate at O-Level. Joel describes the school as the best place one can ever be in the camp because it was a place where he and his friends didn't have to think about poverty, or their parents, or long ago tragedies, a place where they spent their time talking, breathing and living their imagination. It was in Joel's stream when this long standing taboo of 0 % pass rate was broken. He graduated at St Michaels as the overall best student. This was such an achievement, one that the whole camp celebrated for days, one that rejuvenated people's dreams and that inspired many kids to recalibrate their dreams for better.

In 2013, Joel was awarded the UNHCR scholarship to go and study at a boarding school for his “A” levels. This was the beginning of a journey the young had never dreamt of. It was at Mt Selinda High School where Joel got into the amazing USAP program, “the turning point of my life, not only mine but for the world”, the young man said. In the camp, attending a boarding school was a distant dream to all kids, but only a lucky few because that was one and only one chance that young people could go out of the camp. At A level, Joel decided to do Physics. Many people objected to the idea because starting Physics at such a high level was a non-starter, but nothing changed the young man's dream. He was passionate, determined and burning quest to enlighten his imaginations of the universe. So his love for the subject was contagious - most of his classmates became Physics addicts and lessons were spent arguing on matters which were not even part of the teacher's scheme. Joel Later graduated as the best Physics student and finally got an A grade in the A level Physics subject.

Outside the classroom, Joel is very strong in languages and speaks six: Swahili, Shona, French, English, Lingala and Kisonge. He used this special gift to help translate different languages in Church services. He is also a very good soccer goalkeeper, chess and volleyball player. Back in the camp, he taught Sunday school children, did community services and was invited to inspire his fellow students in the camp. Apart from the love of Physics, Joel also has a passion for teaching and soccer.

Now, Joel is a proud screaming eagle, a student at the University Of Southern Indiana (USI) majoring in Electrical engineering. He describes USI as a place to be, a place to unleash potentials and a place where you can be proud to call home.

Esau Mhandu
Ashesi University '19

Esau Mhandu"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing." – Pele

Esau was born and raised in Murewa, a developing rural area in Zimbabwe. He is the fourth born in a family of five. He did his primary education at the Murewa Central Primary School. He then proceeded to Murewa High School, where his academic excellence dream came to reality. He passed his O' Level with 11 A's. He took Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at A' Level and Physics was his best subject. He was awarded the prize for being the best Physics student at his school on the 2014 Merit Awards Day. He was a prefect from 2010 to 2014.

Esau became an orphan at the beginning of his secondary education level. He grew up taking care of his young brother who was still at a tender age of 5 years. Esau learnt to do all household chores like washing plates, doing laundry, fetching firewood and cleaning the house thoroughly among others. He learnt to be a responsible and caring person as exemplified by bathing his young brother before going to school and waking up at 4 a.m. everyday just to prepare food for breakfast and lunch.

From George Bernard Shaw, Esau deduced that, "Some people see things as they are and ask 'why?,' Esau sees things that never were and say 'why not?'." Esau's life can be described by someone as full of difficulties and hardships but he can proudly describe it as full of lessons. Through his tenacity, he stumbled through the difficulties he encountered. He sold fruits and vegetables in order to get money for home consumption and fees. In 2009, he was awarded a Capernaum Trust Scholarship and became a History Maker. He was taught the qualities a person should uphold to become a global leader who is religious. At school he was involved in a number of clubs. To just but mention a few, he was the President of the History Makers Club, which allows students to teach each other not to be just leaders but spiritual leaders. He participated in various community services exemplified by the successful cleaning campaign they launched as History Makers to clean the local township.

Esau believes in the power to transform dreams into reality and giving back to his society in any way possible. Whilst at Ashesi University, under MasterCard Scholarship, Esau is studying Electrical and Electronic engineering at the same time learning skills to become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

Eugene Kudzai Jamu
Ashesi University '19

Eugene Kudzai Jamu"There is no reason to limit your dreams because dreaming doesn't require resources, it only takes a thought. I have endured life hardships but they have also taught me to be resilient, patient and optimistic. Persistence is Success." - Eugene Kudzai Jamu

A dream come true indeed!

Cheerful and a natural born leader Eugene challenges himself towards a goal. He was born in Harare and lived with his mother and sister in Highfield. Despite a poor background, humility and confidence levels have seen him excel in school activities, earning him respect among his fellow students. Eugene was interested in technology and drawing from a very tender age. Kudzai's mother passed on in July 2004.He kept on working hard in school because that was where his hope lay. His father had to leave work due to serious ill health in 2007. At age ten Eugene would sell cigarettes at the local bar up to 8pm and on weekends at a dam about 2,5 km from their home. After Grade Seven Eugene faced another hurdle, no one would afford to send him for secondary education whilst the people he was staying with were embezzling his mother's pensions. Schools opened and his feet never stepped into a classroom. His dream was slowly dying. Would he still make it to be an Engineer? Chances were now slim. He later got enrolled at Wadzanai High School in Shamva. In 2011 during his Form 3 he was appointed Deputy Head boy. Kudzai was awarded merits in all his ten subjects from form 1 to 4 and was consequently merited best student 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Amongst other merits he was also the most disciplined student. In 2011 Eugene joined pioneers for Young People's Network on Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS (YPNSRHHA) an arm of National AIDS Council as Secretary and Orphans' and Vulnerable Children's representative. While at Wadzanai, Kudzai was amongst the leadership that reintroduced Debate and Public Speaking Club in 2010. He was also Vice Chairperson for The Quiz Club that went on to qualify for the National competitions in 2012. He was also a member of the Boy-Girl Empowerment supported by UNICEF. Kudzai was the best Ordinary Level student at Wadzanai and has set a record yet to be broken.

Reality struck his face when he wanted to pursue Science classes at Advanced Level because he had never attended a Science class at Ordinary Level. Many people discouraged him; amongst them were influential people for instance his headmaster clearly told him that his dream was beyond possibility. Because Kudzai would not give in to pressure he continued to pull the rope in the opposite direction. Eugene went to several schools where they yelled at him with stern voices that his wish was impossible. Then something happened when he went to Chipindura High School in Bindura. The administration was also puzzled by his queer request. Eugene's dream was beginning to crumble like clay under a sledge hammer. Despite the hard convincing facts that were on the ground he kept persuading them to accept him. At the trial he thought was the last he was granted the Science classes he dreamt of. Because Eugene had been given two new subjects - Physics and Geometrical and Mechanical/Building Drawing (GMD), he had to pull up his socks. Surprisingly he was awarded merits in 2014 for being the best Physics Student and for being the Overall Best Sciences Student. Besides being intelligent Eugene is innovative and maximizes opportunities. He joined the cricket club and established two great clubs at Chipindura High which are the Debate and Public Speaking Club and the Quiz Club. In 2014 Eugene was accepted into the United State Students Achievers' Program (USAP), the elite family of champions that has given him a greater view point. Being a focused and distinguished student Eugene excelled in the 2014 Old Mutual Mathematics Olympiad and the 2014 Bindura University Mathematics Olympiad managing to reach National competitions in both of them. Kudzai's sleepless nights and committed efforts did not go in vain he passed his final examinations with resounding success. He managed to score As in all his A level subjects. He was the highest at his school and broke a record that had not been broken in a decade and he has left it for yet another challenge. Consequently he was awarded the 2014 Bindura District Best Science Student Merit by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Eugene is indeed a testimony. He is now studying Computer Engineering at Ashesi University.

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them." - William Shakespeare.

Cybil Tinemushe Mupazviriwo
Ashesi University '19

Cybil Tinemushe MupazviriwoCybil was born in 1996 at the heart of Zimbabwe, at Belvedere Maternity Home,Harare. She was raised in this bustling and busy city, in the high density surbub of Glennorah c. Nevertheless her parents still managed to raise a proud Christian African paragon of feminine excellence that represents even today, that which is brilliant about the african girlchild, especially the Zimbabwean one.

Cybil attended a local primary school in Glen Norah C where she grew up, Kudakwashe Primary School from 2002 to 2008. Even with the increasing negative change at that time in government schools and chaos in the nation at large, Cybil did not only survive change .She prospered in character. Here she first demonstrated her first leadership skills and was appointed headgirl. She obtained 6 units at grade seven.

She continued to excell academically the 6 years that followed at Serima Mission high school in Masvingo province. Here she developed a sixth sense which allowed her not only to see incoming change ahead of time in every sphere of life, but also to make the judgment as to the opportune time to jump from one wagon of chance to another. Cybil succeeded in putting into action her ideas which have always been brilliant in their simplicity and far sighted in their implementation. She not only managed to start a club to the betterment of the girl child but also took the first few steps to the transformation of the surrounding society's mindset towards the girl child. She became invaluable to no less that 3 concrete activities every term, all in which she was recognized at levels no less that provincial level. She was a prefect, a musician, a public speaker and an academia .

She got accolades for outstanding National Ordinary Levels which were a stepping stone to her excellent Advanced Level results were she specialised in science subjects. Her good grades inturn became the stepping stone to what she dreams of today.

Cybil is currently an aspiring engineer who has not yet reached the climax of dreaming. She believes that neither success nor failure is final. Hence, she believes in endless dreaming bearing in mind two important things; the pleasure of working and the virtue of patience and persistence.

"Great works are perfomed not by strength but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson

Jennipher A. Panashe
Ashesi University '19

Jennipher A. Panashe"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must surely come to pass."

These are the words that motivated Jennipher Alista Panashe in everything that she aspired to do. No matter how hard the challenges were in Jennipher's life, she always managed to sail through the grace of GOD.

Jennipher spent her childhood in the dusty town of Chegutu. She refused to let her surroundings stop her from doing well in school. She was the head girl of Hartley One Primary School and an active participant in almost all sports.

Due to financial constraints and family issues, Jennipher and her family moved to Gweru where she spent her high school years. In her secondary education, Jennipher displayed excellent leadership and academic attributes. She was one of the best O' Level students in Midlands Province. Jennipher was the head girl of Chaplin High School and held many leadership positions in extracurricular activities such as Chess Club, Red Cross Club and Quiz Club. In chess, she was a bronze medalist in the 2014 NASH National Chess competitions. She was also involved in many philanthropic activities in her school and community.

All these tremendous qualities made her qualify into USAP in which she has managed to fulfill her dream of studying abroad. She hopes to pursue a major in electrical engineering at Ashesi University.

With God nothing is impossible!

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