Mongolia Student Profiles

Taking USAP Zimbabwe as a perfect sample of assisting the students to achieve their goals, USAP Mongolia was started in 2005 with an aim to support highly qualified students who want to study in the US colleges and universities but have difficulties with financing their study. The program was announced throughout Mongolia and received lots of applications from Ulaanbaatar and other provinces of Mongolia. To date we successfully worked with eleven students who are now studying at the best schools in the USA. We are very proud of their hard work and achievements.

Anudariya Batbold
Le Moyne College '10

Anudariya Batbold Anudariya Batbold is from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia who has had an incredible opportunity to get an education in America through USAP. She believes that "the only life that is worth living is one that is lived for others." Her dream is to develop Mongolian medical system and help people who are suffering from illness. So she is a biology student at Le Moyne College aspiring to pursue medical studies in oncology. This being one of the fastest growing fields of study in medicine presently, she is confident that she can do her best for society by participating at the forefront of the development of medicine.

She has been involved in different clubs and organizations at Le Moyne College, besides keeping her academic in a high level and holding a work study position at the Biology Department. Anudariya is a Residence Advisor, a co-president of the International Club, a sophomore representative of the Student Senate, and a director of costume design of Major Arcana production at the Performing Art Center. She has been a leader of chemistry and biology study groups, helping students who have difficulty with understanding chemistry and biology as well.

Considering her academic accomplishment, extra curricular activity, and the contribution to the diversity of Le Moyne College, Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities published an article about her on its annual journal, Education for a Globalized World. After she finishes her medical studies after her college, she wants to assist the development of the medical system in Mongolia.

Amar Baatartsogt
Duke University '10

Amar Baatartsogt "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

Amar likes to say. It is a famous quote by Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all-time. Amar strongly believes that team-oriented spirit and cooperation are the essential parts for success. Amar Baatartsogt was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. He admits that the fact he spent his first couple of years of his life in Germany helped him realize the deep values of his own culture and tradition and become a true patriot. That's why as soon as he is done with his studies in the United States, he plans to go back home and start contributing to his country's development.

He is currently enrolled at Duke University majoring in Electrical and Computer engineering. Amar is also planning to get a minor in economics. Amar had successfully led and finished a team project to design and build low-cost electronic scale. His team also won the integrated design challenge, a microcontroller based robot competition. Ever since he was a small child, he loved adventure and new challenges and that's the reason why he recently accepted to work on water quality sensing research project that is led by the electrical and computer engineering department at Duke University. He believes that it will help him learn far beyond what classes can offer.

For the love of soccer, he worked as an intramural soccer referee and he plays for the intramural soccer team "Team Extreme". Amar is greatly interested in drawing and graphic design and he is also passionate about poetry and literature. He has his own small collection of poems. After graduating from school, he is planning to start his own business. Amar is confident that one day it will become a multinational, billions of dollars worthy business. When people ask him what he would be if he hadn't chosen engineering, he always responds, "I would have chosen to be a cook". His dream is to go to one of the top culinary schools in the world one day.

Chuluuntsetseg Chuluunbaatar
Mount Holyoke College '10

Chuluuntsetseg Chuluunbaatar Being the one who was so frustrated by the fact that she could not make it to study at the American University in Bulgaria even after receiving some financial aid from the school, she was starting to hesitate to search for full financial support. However, she became a prospective USAP student and ended up enrolling at Mount Holyoke College in fall 2006. USAP has been a life-changing opportunity to her as she tries to make her goals come true. She hopes to specialize in the relationship between America and China for her major and is going minor in Chinese.

She would like to open her private international college which is fully qualified and universally recognized. By doing so, she hopes to offer a standardized higher education at a much affordable cost in Mongolia and in so doing contributing to the education of the young generation as a whole in the long run.

Mandukhai Ganbaatar
College of St.Scholastica '10

Mandukhai Ganbaatar Mandukhai, is a member in the first USAP class selected in Mongolia. She grew up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and went to a Mongolian-Turkish boarding school in Darkhan, Mongolia.

She is currently majoring in Biology at The College of St. Scholastica in hopes of becoming a doctor one day. She admires the doctors in Mongolia who practice medicine in inadequately equipped hospitals and still manage to save hundreds of lives. Armed with a medical degree, she believes she can serve the neediest in Mongolia.

Mandukhai currently works as a Chemistry and Math tutor at her college. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant at The Benedictine Health Center which she sees as a valuable experience for her future career in field of medicine. She likes to share her valuable time with her community by volunteering at local hospitals and schools such as St. Mary's Duluth Clinic, Denfeld High School and Woodland Middle School.

Mandukhai loves languages. She speaks Mongolian, Turkish, English and Russian.

Mungunsuvd Terbish
Ithaca College '11

Mungunsuvd Terbish Mungunsuvd is from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, of which she is incredibly proud. She has had the sudden and fortunate chance of participating in USAP, which opened doors to American higher education for her. She is hoping to graduate with a degree in Math - Economics in 2011. Besides academics, she holds the position treasurer of both the IC Math club and the IC International Club. Other parts of her busy student life are her current jobs in the Office Alumni Relations and in the Fitness Center.

Mungunsuvd believes that all she has achieved in her life is because of her family, friends and both her Mongolian and Ithacan communities. She finds contributing to the community very important as well. After graduating as an economist, she aims to work in her field of study offering her knowledge and skills in order to benefit her beloved country and its people.

Enkhbayasgalan Gantsog
Lehigh University '11

Enkhbayasgalan Gantsog Enkhbayasgalan, one of the brightest students of the USAP Mongolia, is from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Raised in a family of engineers, Enkhbayasgalan is highly interested in engineering and pursuing a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Business at Lehigh University. He is in Lehigh University's four year leadership program that helps students to gain theoretical background and practical skills of leadership. He is also a volunteer tutor in S.T.A.R Academies, which is an intervention program for economically and academically disadvantaged middle and high school students.

During the high school years, he actively participated in volunteering activities, such as distributing meat to the poor, cleaning the environment and planting trees. He also initiated a volunteering program that serves the local poor and elderly, in cooperation with the province post office. Enkhbayasgalan was the best student at his high school and won silver and bronze medals from Mongolian National Physics and Informatics competitions. He is willing to be one of the future leaders who will contribute a great deal to the development of Mongolia.

Tsenguun Badamsed
Cornell University '12

Tsenguun Badamsed Tsenguun Badamsed was born and raised in Mongolia. He had the great chance to be one of the third generation candidates of USAP Mongolia, which tremendously helped him fulfill his dream of getting a higher education in the United States. He always says he could never have achieved his goal without USAP.

He went to a public school until he entered a Mongolian-Japanese joint high school, called Shine Mongol, where he studied math and science and realized he wanted to pursue an engineering career. He is currently enrolled at Cornell University and plans to major in either Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. Even though it is his first time out of Mongolia, he is adjusting to life in Ithaca quite well. As he took Japanese in high school, he is continuing his language studies in preparation of a possible internship in Japan. He is also enjoying his writing class because he is finally learning how to write well crafted essays. Currently, he is in several clubs such as JUSA (Japan United States Association) and CEP (Cornell Elderly Partnership) in which club members visit a local nursing center in order to organize activities for the residents. In addition, volunteers provide an interested ear to hear the residents' life stories in the hope of reducing their social isolation.

Tsenguun attributes his well being as being directly related to his family, friends, teachers, and the cumulative experience gained by attending various schools. He always looks forward to contributing to the legacy of the USAP by sharing his experience and helping new applicants. After graduating from Cornell University, he plans to help develop Mongolia as much as he can in his own field.

Mandakh Bekhbat
Vassar College '13

Mandakh Bekhbat A member of USAP Mongolia '07, Mandakh graduated from Darkhan Mongolian-Turkish High School as valedictorian in 2008. Upon completing her B.A. in neuroscience at Vassar College, Mandakh enrolled at Emory University to pursue a PhD in neuroscience. Her research focuses on understanding the role of neuroinflammation in psychiatric diseases and finding better treatment options for these conditions. Having experienced firsthand the vast opportunities and possibilities that studying in the United States opens up for one, Mandakh hopes to encourage and assist the younger generations of USAP Mongolia as well as Mongolian youth at large achieve their goal of higher education in the United States.


Namuun Purevdorj
Mount Holyoke College '15

Namuun Purevdorj"In the 14th Century, Chinggis Khaan (better known to the West as Genghis Khan) unified Mongolia and established the world's largest land-based empire in history. It is my fondest wish that I be able to study International Relations in the United States, the country that, arguably, has done more to globalize the world than any other nation in history. My name, Namuun, means peace, serenity; my tribal name is Chinggis, which means a vast sea, an ocean. I dream of contributing an ocean of peace to the world through an understanding of interactions among nations".

Namuun Purevdorj grew up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and attended Hobby School. She believes that the wide range of opportunities she was blessed with has been a factor in her various academic successes and achievements not only at school, but nationally. Although she had never even dreamed of studying in the States, she was accepted as a USAP student in the spring of her junior year in high school. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she pursued this new dream, and was accepted to study at Mount Holyoke College. Currently, she is a sophomore and hoping to major in International Relations and minor in Global Business NEXUS.

Namuun's love for music and performance led her to be involved at the college radio station as a DJ and
also sing in the college's choral group. Additionally, she is on the leadership team for the Mount Holyoke
Christian Fellowship.

Furthermore, since her second semester at Mount Holyoke College, she started working at the college's
Career Development Center as a Peer Career Assistant, where she helps students find internships and
jobs, and helps write and critique resumes and cover letters. This job is very appealing to her because of
her love of communicating and helping people find opportunities.

After college, she has a desire to go back home to Mongolia and do her part in developing her country.
Namuun is especially interested in understanding and researching organizational, governmental and
political success and how they operate. "I dream to become an influential policy-maker that will further develop Mongolia economically and foster a just and stable society for the people" she replied when
asked about one of her life ambitions."

Tengis Sainnyambuu
University of Denver '17

Tengis Sainnyambuu"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success".

Tengis is enrolled at the University of Denver majoring in Economics. He believes that he can come back to his home country and contribute to its booming economical growth. This is not an opportunity that Tengis wants to lose and believes it's the fastest way he can further develop himself into a successful businessman.

Tengis studied in China, America, and Mongolia for at least three years each. When asked about why he chose to study in China, he explains that it's necessary for one to well about their neighbors or contenders since; China is an influential factor in Mongolia's economical growth. While studying in the United States, he plans to take Chinese classes along with Russian or Spanish. He further adds that the fact that he's learning these languages only shortens his bridge to success.

Tengis learned well the value of teamwork and timing from playing basketball. He says that experience can only make you better and is the best teacher in the world. He plans to take his love and passion for basketball to the Denver Pioneers.

Mashbayar Tugsbayar
Stanford University '17

Mashbayar TugsbayarBorn and raised in Mongolia, Mashbayar Tugsbayar is an avid reader and an enthusiast of all things related to medicine, drama, chess and oratory. She believes that learning lasts for a lifetime and that no number of interests is too much for one person. As a result, she grew fascinated with the broad range and humanist emphasis of US liberal education and subsequently came to be a part of the USAP Mongolia Class of 2017.

Mashbayar is interested in both traditional and modern medicine as well as anatomy and pathology. During her studies, she hopes to experience cutting-edge scientific advancements and gain wide range of perspectives regarding medicine to bring home.

In addition to her interest in sciences, Mashbayar loves writing and performance arts. To her, art nurtures the soul and can be as healing as medicine to the right person.

She's also involved in community service and volunteering. Inspired by her close contact with the Lions Club, she worked with four other like-minded students to create her school's own volunteering club, "Reach". The joy and support resulting from the experience further inspired her desire to help people and work for the community.

After an invigorating senior year, Mashbayar graduated as a valedictorian and hopes to learn more in the next years to help not only her country but also the world at large.

Nomin Khishigsuren
Brown University '17

Nomin Khishigsuren"Everything is possible" is a favorite quote of a girl with a dream she once believed was impossible: pursuing a career in science and creating a better place for young female scientists.

Having been brought up in Slovakia until she was five and having lived in Australia for 2 years, she had a colorful life, which not many Mongolians have the chance to live, experiencing many cultures and learning different things from each of its environments and people.

Academically, she is equally well at all of her subjects although her best academic performance was achieved in Math and English. When she was in 9th grade, she got the 1st place on the entrance examination of Mongolian-Turkish High School which she was given full tuition scholarship for 3 years. During her studies, she participated in a various Olympiads and competitions from which her highest accomplishment was getting the 4th place in National English Olympiad. In her free time, she is an avid bookworm, a passionate volleyball player and a devoted leader of the Academic team. Thus, she graduated as a salutatorian of her 2013 class.

Ever since she was a little girl, she was always the curious one among her peers, hoping to find the answers to her questions about her surroundings. Perhaps it was her curiosity that led her to her interest in physics and astronomy. As she searched through her career options in high school, there seemed to be almost no opportunity for her to study physics and do research in Mongolia. So she often contemplated the idea of studying in the U.S.A, where she could get the best education in her areas of interest. However, she never thought she could attain that goal. She thinks participating in USAP had a big role in encouraging and supporting her through thin and thick by helping with her applications and essays and giving advice in times of trouble and frustration. She always says she is grateful for the opportunities that USAP has given her and that she is very happy to be a member of USAP family.

Starting her undergraduate education at Brown University which accepted her with full scholarship this fall, she believes she is one step closer in making her dreams turn into reality.

Nomunaa Purevbayar
Brandeis University '17

Nomunaa PurevbayarNomunaa Purevbayar was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and raised in the United States of America. She moved back to her native country with her parents after her father earned his Master's Degree. Nomunaa explains how returning home after many years helped open her eyes to the number of socioeconomic issues her country has. This, indeed, was when she realized that as a true citizen, she had to get a top-notch education and provide valuable input to her nation's development.

Nomunaa received many Gold Medals from various Olympiads, including the Ulaanbaatar City Olympiad. She was one of the best in her class and graduated her high school with excellent marks. Besides her academics, Nomunaa was an active member of her community. In her high school, she started a club that raised money for orphans at a nearby orphanage. She, along with her other club members, collected donations and used the charity money to purchase toys and gifts for the orphans. During summers, she volunteered at places like Amnesty International, Agaa Egee, etc. Nomunaa was also an SAT Prep teacher when she was a senior in high school.

Jiguur Ariunbold
Quinnipiac University '17

Jiguur Ariunbold Jiguur Ariunbold was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He graduated Mongolian Russian Joint School in 2012 and during his senior year he had the great opportunity to be one of the candidates of USAP Mongolia. Jiguur was an academically excellent student, always ranking among the top in his classes. He kept himself busy while in high school always willing to learn in and out of the classrooms which allowed him to learn the English language very well. Furthermore, Jiguur was involved in many artistic and sport activities; he has taken violin lessons, participated in many his schools dance competitions, he has taken swimming, basketball and martial arts lessons.

Jiguur is highly interested in business. He is majoring in finance at Quinnipiac University, unique school located in the state of Connecticut. For the future Jiguur intends to study in masters degree in business administration field and after that he intends to run his own financial company in his home country.

Bayarmaa Enkhtur
Colorado College '18

Bayarmaa EnkhturHaving lived in Denver as a child, moving back to Mongolia has opened Bayarmaa's eyes to two very different worlds and two very different perspectives. Bayarmaa was a very curious child who from early on realized the importance of diligence and hard work. In 2011, she was selected as one of the top 40 students to enter Mongolia's first Cambridge education program offered at New Era State Laboratory School. There, she has proven herself to be a model student and an active member of the learning community by participating in a multitude of school activities ranging from the school's award-winning show choir to starting her own club, “Study Abroad”.

Bayarmaa also knew she wanted to gain the diverse US liberal arts education, so when the opportunity to participate in the USAP Mongolia Class 0f 2014 came up, she was more than elated to engage in the wonderful program.

Today, Bayarmaa aspires to be a leading development economist in Mongolia. She says that although Mongolia's continuous growth in the mining-sector has transformed Mongolia's economy, once almost entirely dependent on herding and agriculture, into one of the world's top ten fastest growing economies, her country is still facing a number of economic risks. Therefore, Bayarmaa believes that Mongolia's future prosperity depends on finding a successful economic pathway and hopes to be there in its discovery.

Odgerel Chintulga
Clark University '18

Odgerel ChintulgaOdgerel was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and attends to Shine Mongol high which is a Japanese school. Most of its graduates study in Japan or Mongolia. But US education was always more suited for her. And due to lack of information, she didn't know what to do to study in US. USAP has guided and helped to reach her goal. Odgerel is very proud to be a member of USAP. She is going to study in Clark University and her intended major is Environmental science. Ever since she was a small girl she loved nature. Unfortunately, the Mongolian ecology is being devastated due to lack of knowledge of its citizens. That is why she wants to become a well-educated citizen, and help her country. Odgerel is a member of the ECO club in her school. Her club helps to clean up the local environment and educate children about environmental problems.

Khulganaa Buyannemekh
Lafayette College '18

Khulganaa BuyannemekhKhulganaa Buyannemekh grew up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She is one of the many successful graduates of Mongolian-Russian joint school. She has been independent since young age and ranked among the top students demonstrating consistency in her academic success. Khulganaa values hard work. Her competence is illustrated by her persistent, never-give-up and take-charge personality and by her success in English, Russian, Chinese and German language Olympiads she had participated in.

Khulganaa considers herself very fortunate to have been selected one of the participants of the USAP. This opportunity for sure was life changing and it opened to her many other greater opportunities to a brighter future.

Khulganaa is looking forward to starting her undergraduate study at Lafayette College this fall. Hopefully this first step of her would be the beginning of her broader and richer path of gaining knowledge, pursuing further higher education and reaching her life goals.

Enkhjin Ulziibaatar
University of Washington '18

Enkhjin Ulziibaatar"Work hard, in silence and let success make the noise!"

Having lived in Russia and studied in Russian Embassy School of Mongolia for 8 years, she believed her college years would be spent in the same country. However, as she grew up, that girl realized she wanted to acquire higher education in the US, since the best education was taught there. Having this dream made her transfer to Hobby School in 2011. With her hardworking, ambitious and tenacious character, she enrolled in a myriad of clubs, such as Debate, Drama, Dancing, Chemistry and Biology, Volleyball, Mongolian Red Cross Youth, besides her classes and got second place in Sukhbaatar District Chemistry Olympiad. Moreover, becoming “The Best Student” of Hobby School in her her junior year, she was honored to acquire 30% scholarship for her tuition fee.

Finally, when she applied to all the universities she wanted to and received her answers, Enkhjin was delighted and happy to be enrolled in the University of Washington. Even though it was an unreachable goal of hers, she was able to achieve her dream with the help of her parents, friends, Hobby school teachers and, especially, USAP advisers. They instructed her every single thing to do and always encouraged her not to give up and work hard. She is very thankful and happy to be a member of USAP family.

Beginning her undergraduate education at the University of Washington, Enkhjin is excited to find out what world has to offer her and determined to bring Mongolia’s health care system to the world level.

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