Our Journey to the West

By Precious Tsododo, Ithaca College 12'

Intelligence, talents and the knowledge of what we could do, is what made us go on such a journey. We hardly knew each other but we had the spirit, Usap spirit, to partake this journey together. It never dawned on me that one day we would all have to say goodbye, as everyone finds their destiny, because we seemed to be going in the same direction.

'The West', was our destination but how to get there was a mystery, which depended on Mai Mano and Mr. Muchenje. They knew how we could get there because they had led other Usapers before us to the same destination. So all we had to do was follow while they led. Through valleys of TOEFL and up the hills of SAT we travelled, through tunnels of Advanced Levels, with the hope to see light at the end. We encountered challenges with courage and dried our tears with jokes. Some of us were pulled down on the way but somehow God lifted us up and kept us going. When I talk of challenges and disappointments, whoever went through this journey with me and whoever went through it like me would understand.

The honor for those who supported us and the love for those who cared that much is what always gave us the edge to go the extra mile. We knew that there was no other way, to give them peace of mind concerning our future and to make them proud, but to work harder. As we went through this journey we learnt to respect and care for each other because we knew that all we had was one another.

In the end came the time when we all had to say goodbye, a word that seemed so hard to say to all the friends we had made on the way. Nevertheless we all had to part ways and find our spots. Although it's sad to say goodbye, I am glad to say 'we made it'. No matter how far away we are from each other, one thing seems to keep us together and that is Usap, for it makes us who we are. Everywhere we go we will always remember "Our Journey to the West".

Story written in September 01, 2008

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