The Zimbabwe Model Government

Zimbabwe Model Government

The Zim Model Gov is an innovative project by first-year Zimbabwean students studying at top US College and Universities. About twenty select participants take part in the project, where they simulate the Zimbabwean government working though spring and summer, researching, networking and finally writing intensive policy papers relevant to the positions they take. The final, powerful policy document is then sent to the real Zimbabwean government in Harare as a memo. Model Gov participants come from 19 top US colleges and universities in over ten states.

The pilot project in the 2009/2010 year has drawn much participation and dialogue, and after a campaign and election season, the Model Gov is now finalized with a four-member executive and twenty chosen ministers /secretaries.


The Zim Model Gov was founded by D & I Inc. in Zimbabwe in 2007, but it was not until after its future participants enrolled in US colleges that the project could take off. It was founded out of an ethos to give back to the participants' home country and simulate intellectual dialogue, research and networking at the highest level. All elected officials now independently run the initiative, outside the control of the founding corporation.


  • To engage Zimbabwe's youth in highly intensive and educative research / dialogue
  • To inform US school and other communities about Zimbabwean and African affairs
  • To provide outstanding policy ideas to the Zimbabwean government of national unity
  • To help students work on challenging initiatives in groups across geographical and academic barriers
  • To stimulate strong interest in politics / government in both participants and target audiences (schools, publications, US communities)
  • To take a leading role in the awareness campaign of the Zimbabwean crises
  • To promote tourism and trade between Zimbabwe and foreign parties
  • To mould Zimbabwean youth for future leadership in government / business

Main Project

Each member writes a research based, prescriptive policy paper by the given deadline. These papers, each at least five pages in length, will be compiled into more than a hundred pages of comprehensive, holistic policy and officially handed to the Zimbabwean government. Usap alums, mentors, and college professors and Usap founder Mrs. Mano, will provide research and writing training / guidance.

The Usap Model Gov will retain the rights for the publication of all or part of this policy document.