Dominic Mhiripiri: Engineering great leader in the making

Dominic is one of our feature writers and an outstanding contributor through Dee & Ike. We are pleased to give you the humble, creative and dedicated "Mr. Dee Brown".

Dominic Mhiripiri
Brown University '12

Dominic Mhiripiri Dominic Mhiripiri is a talented Adventist and Zimbabwean student studying at Brown University in Providence, USA - as a participant of the United States Student Achievers (USAP) in Zimbabwe and one with the distinct honor of being the first recipient of the prestigious Advancing Africa Scholarship at the Ivy League university. An amazing curiosity of the world around him, academic excellence, awe-inspiring triumphs the great challenges he faced in his life and uniquely creative leadership amongst his peers have made Dominic a man who stands out.

Dominic was born in May 1989 in the Zimbabwean town of Chitungwiza, where he grew up and got most of his early education. He attended Zengeza 4 High School, where as a student leader, district [state] champion in debate, quiz and public speaking as well as an activist, he became a foremost student at the school in his generation. Dominic was awarded an exclusive academic full scholarship to pursue Advanced Level studies at ILSA College in Harare, where he was to become the school's first student to be accepted into the USAP program in 2007. The program facilitated Dominic's whole college application process and enrollment at Brown.

In USAP, Mhiripiri is at home and believes that the program is a primary commitment of his. As co-founder of Dee & Ike, a powerful student group, he has helped bring more creative ideas and initiatives into the program. Dominic has been a peer mentor, a writer for the USAP website, the valedictorian for his USAP graduating class and serves on the organizing committee of the 2009 USAP Annual Conference.

At Brown, Dominic is a prospective concentrator in Applied Math Economics who also has strong interest in the school's Political Science and International Relations programs. He has directed an A.S.E.A.N. committee during the 2008 Brown University Simulation of the United Nations conference, is a member of the African Students Association and top scorer of his championship-winning intramural soccer team. He enjoys writing poetry and fiction in ChiShona and English, and has regularly penned academic and political opinion pieces in Zimbabwean newspapers in the last two years. Dominic is obsessed by traveling, photography, acapella music and "the team for which soccer was made" Manchester United.

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